Brief Over view of my situation.


I have 3 children, a boy and 2 girls, I currently cannot work, which is quite depressing and not many people say that, my husband is classed as the family career because I can no longer do a lot of things a normal mum would be able to do.

If you have read my ‘ABOUT’  page you will have found out what my ‘medical disadvantage’ is but for those who haven’t I have a large leg ulcer on my lower left leg.

I will write full posts in more detail about the different stages and treatments I’ve had.

It all started in 2015. I was working at my son’s school, I had 2 great children and was pregnant with my 3rd baby. I had complications with a 1cm cut that would not heal on my leg so I went to doctors.

Since then this leg ulcer has been getting bigger and bigger and is now 10.5cm long and 8.5cm wide. I have had quite a few dressings and bandages put on my leg and have tried a few different treatments. I’ve even had an operation to try to heal this thing but nothing seems to be working.

Catching up to date… im home meant to be resting my leg as much as possible ( With a toddler that is easier said than done!) while my older 2 children are at school mon-fri. I loved being an active mum and since all of this has developed I have had to find different ways to do daily tasks around the house and limit the activities I do with my children. My treatment is still ongoing and specialist have advised that the leg ulcer could take a few years to completely heal and then I will need a lot of physiotherapy to get back to being a normal mum again.

I’m going to end this post here as it’s getting a bit long now for a ‘brief overview’ but i will be adding some new post very soon xxx



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