Ella strikes again!!

Regular feature #1 Ella is my third and most spirited child. She learns quicker than my other two children and also losses her temper alot quicker than my other children! ( I mean full on temper tantrum in under 30 seconds)  I have had to learn alot with her, my other two are completely different,... Continue Reading →

Lovely grandma stocking!! 

I just thought I would share with you all my lovely grandma stocking I now have to wear. Before these I was in 3 layers of thick bandages, so this is a definite upgrade. In fact when my nan  saw them she said "I have a pair just like the underneath one and they are... Continue Reading →

Leg ulcer explained 

Regular feature #3 Good morning everyone, today is a beautiful day. Below is a brief explanation of what I've got on my leg however all the treatment don't seem to be working. A leg ulcer is a long-lasting (chronic) sore that takes more than four to six weeks to heal. They usually develop on the inside... Continue Reading →

Begginer to blogging

I'm a newbie with blogging and as much as I've read and researched about blogging... IT STILL CONFUSES ME!!  However I'm just going to jump in with both feet and give it a go. I'm hoping the further along I go the more I will learn. A few things I've read and learnt before starting... Continue Reading →

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