What direction do I want my blog to go in?

This is question i’ve seen on the the many websites and blogs i’ve looked at. They ask what is my passion? what do I enjoy most?  what can I see myself writting about?

When I first decidied I wanted to start a blog I thought I could just write my daily life as a mum of three or I could just keep a record of the healing and how things are going with my leg ulcer. However since doing some more research and really looking into blogging properly, there is so much more to it!

So I needed to answer the quesion… What direction do i want my blog to go in?        As any mother knows, being a mum is hard, yet it is the best job a woman will ever do. Pretty much everything i do is for my children. I always used to say “The more children you have the easier it gets”                                                    

 After giving birth to my youngest daughter, i’ve learnt to eat my words!!

However, im getting off subject a bit. Parenting gets easier the more you learn, the more you connect with other parents and remember you are not the only one going through a current stage, be it terrible twos, mini me girls attidude or problems with a tween. Having three children I have been through lots of different situations and i’ve come out the other side learning something knew.

Within this blog I will be documenting how I live my life as a mum of three also I will be adding post of parenting advice and tips from what I have learnt so far, in the hopes that someone may be helped or can relate to the situation. As my blog grows I will hopefully be able to add guest post and Attract some product reviewing.

As a side part of my blog, I will be posting twice a week on the progress and journey to healing of my leg ulcer as this is still a big part of my life and is the reason I can be a stay at home mum.

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