Ella strikes again!!

Regular feature #1

Ella is my third and most spirited child. She learns quicker than my other two children and also losses her temper alot quicker than my other children! ( I mean full on temper tantrum in under 30 seconds) 

I have had to learn alot with her, my other two are completely different, they are quite laid back and easy going. Ella has no fear at all and I swear she will give me heart attack soon.

‘Ella strikes again!’ Is going to be a regular feature on my blog as I can guaranty she will be up to something or into something during the week.

At a later date I will be adding a post of tips and advice on how to understand, cope and help a spirited child learn, this will also involve the very big learning curve I’ve been through and what I’ve learnt.

This is one of the latest shenanigans Ella has been up to. On this day we were staying at home and I decided to get out the box of Lego in the playroom and thought I’d have 2 minutes to run to the toilet but Ella had different ideas. she had raided the kitchen cupboards and choose to share her snacks with our dogs. She thought it was highly funny and of course the dogs were more than happy to share with her. 

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