The check list I use for a family day out.


As any parent knows having a family day out needs a bit of planning. I am always that mum that will forget something, normally something important as well. In my opinion I find it so much easier to write a check list and hopefully the important things don’t get left behind.

I have come up with a list that I follow nearly every time I plan a family day out. It is pretty much the same list I use each time however it changes from season to season as the essentials needed change according to the weather or the place we are going to.

Tomorrow I am planning on taking my children to a splash park ( weather permitting, It is predicted to be nice and sunny but here in the UK things can change quickly). The above picture is the list I have written and almost completed tonight, Some things I can complete in the morning. This helps me be organized for tomorrow so I’m not running round in a blind panic before we have to leave.

Here are the 12 items explained.

  1. Towels – As we are going to a splash park these are essential however if the weather turns colder or the park is closed these will be good for sitting on to eat our picnic.
  2. Spare clothes – Again another essential for a splash park.
  3. Packed lunch – I like to make most of our lunch the night before and store it in the fridge. This saves quite a lot of money and my children love to eat picnics.
  4. Sun cream and Hats – These are essentials for a family day out when the weather is warm and sunny. My children catch the sun and burn really easily.
  5. Drink bottles – Each of my children get a drinks bottle each and then I have a large bottle so I can refill during the day.
  6. Water shoes – This is something we have done since the children were young, they all have water shoes because it gives them better grip when running around in the water and also it prevent them from picking anything up like verrucas.
  7. First aid kit – This is an everyday essential for our family. This kit contains antiseptic wipes and cream, paracetamol sachets, plasters, hair bands and tissues.
  8. Money/ change in my purse– I am a terrible one for not checking my purse before I got out and then when it comes to needing change, I have to go to the nearest shop and buy something I really don’t need just to get some change.
  9. Charge my phone– This is one of these things I tend to forget to do the night before. Quite a few times we have been having a lovely day and the children are really enjoying themselves (Great photo opportunity) I go to take some photographs and my phone decides nope I’m done, OUT OF CHARGE!!
  10. Check my bag–  On this occasion I’m not taking a separate bag but when I do I always find this is the last thing I check or I forget to even check it to make sure I have everything I will need for the following day.
  11. Check the toddler bag– Out of habit I check and recheck my toddlers bag many times during the day. The worst thing as a mum is your toddler having a tantrum because you have forgotten their favourite toy or beaker.
  12. Bag for wet items– This is another item I always leave behind and only just remember as we are arriving at the splash park. If the childrens clothes are wet or you have wet towels you really don’t want to put them in the same bag as all of your other items.

This is how I like to set everything out on my table with my list and check off when I have an item completed. Once everything (minus the next morning items) are checked off I then go and put it all into my bag and I’m ready to go for the next day.


Leave me a comment below and let me know your essentials you like to take on a family day out.

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