I’m an angry parent!

Yes I know, I'm not meant to admit this to anyone. No one really likes to admit they get angry and overreact to their childrens behaviour. Parenthood is perceived to be all smelling of roses, Ha yeah right!  If you are a parent you will know that is a complete lie. Being a parent is … Continue reading I’m an angry parent!

Day out with nan.

(My Nan didn't want to be in any other images but she approved of the one below. ha ha)My Nan and me.When I was a child I used to love going to my Nan's house. It was always somewhere I knew we would be having fun. We would cook together, play all the traditional board … Continue reading Day out with nan.

Connecting with your tween. ( pre-teen )

It can get harder to stay connected to you child as they start getting older. As the parent it is always your main job to give you child love, guidance and support. When your child comes into the tween years, they want more independence, more trust and less involvement from their parents. If you take … Continue reading Connecting with your tween. ( pre-teen )

Weekly leg ulcer update – Images of leg ulcer included.

Regular feature #3 This week I've had some ups and downs. Its been quite a rough week as the weather has been so hot in the UK. Its been really nice having the warmer weather but we are just not used to it. Throughout all this heat I've still had to wear both layers of … Continue reading Weekly leg ulcer update – Images of leg ulcer included.

My Daily routine as a stay-at-home mum.

When I first became a stay-at-home mum it was great and I loved it, I loved having so much time to spend with my children, I loved not having to rush around trying to get all my household jobs done before I went to bed as I wouldn't have time in the morning. However after … Continue reading My Daily routine as a stay-at-home mum.

Speed cleaning – 20 minute dash.

Regular feature #2 Hey. Its 20 Minute dash time again. Last time I tackled the downstairs rooms, so this time I thought I would do our bedrooms. Thankfully the rooms were not too bad. Our house has three bedrooms, as much as I would love to give my girls their own bedrooms we just can not afford … Continue reading Speed cleaning – 20 minute dash.

Revamping the girls bedroom.

Children travel through many sleeping arrangements as they grow up, sleeping arrangements are very different for every parent and every child.  Sleep is such an important part of life and its essential to get it right. When we moved into our new house two years ago, my middle daughter had to get used to sharing … Continue reading Revamping the girls bedroom.

20 Activities to tame your toddler

Toddlers are little whirl winds of fun and frustration, I would love to play with Ella all day but unfortunately  as every parent knows that's' just not possible.  When a toddler starts to get bored and wants more attention, they can unleash chaos upon the whole house. I would like to share my list of … Continue reading 20 Activities to tame your toddler

Ella strikes again!

Regular feature #1 I knew from the moment Ella woke up she was going to be in a mischievous mood. She had that cheeky little grin on her face when I walked into the girls bedroom. My older children were off school as it was half term, it was a gorgeous day outside, I would … Continue reading Ella strikes again!

How This leg ulcer has effected me as a mum. 

Being a mum is the best feeling in the world, it's also the hardest thing to do in the world! Children are not born with a hand book and you just have to learn along the way. Having the ulcer has robbed me of three years with my children! Nearly all the things I used … Continue reading How This leg ulcer has effected me as a mum.