Toddler tantrums

Every Parents worst nightmare is having their toddler have a massive tantrum. Just imagine it, your out shopping, you have a weeks worth of food in your trolley and your child starts to have a tantrum… What do you do?


There are many reasons toddlers have tantrums however the scientific reason for them is quite simple. The little grey area at the front of their brain, which controls social behaviour, does not properly mature until the age of 4.

Children between the ages of 2-4 years old do not yet know how to control or process their emotions. They can not understand why they are feeling like that.

There are certain thing that trigger a tantrum.

Every child has warning signs that a tantrum is brewing. The most obvious reason for a tantrum is when the child can not get what ever it is they want or they can not make a person (mum or dad) do what they want them to do. However there are some reasons that can be over looked.

  • Are they hungry? Is it near a meal or snack time?
  • Are they tired? Did they get enough sleep last night or do they need to have a nap?
  • Are they bored? They may want a little bit of extra attention.
  • They could be overstimulated.

Children will throw a tantrum in different ways. All 3 of my children were different. My boy would take himself off to a corner and throw a strop and cry, my middle daughter would shout, cry and not move from the spot she was on. My youngest shouts, screams and throws things.

Tips for dealing with a tantrum

During a tantrum you can not teach or discipline a child, you have to wait until it over.

Emotions during a tantrum can be scary and some children want/need a cuddle or physical touch to calm them down.

Other children do not like to be touched and just want to be left to try and calm themself down. 

Before the tantrum goes into full swing try and distract your little one and make something else more appealing.

My faviourate trick is to walk away to a place where your child can not see you ( Be sure not to lose eye sight of the child yourself) This worked wonders for my older two children because they realised once they couldn’t see me there was no point in carring on with the tantrum.

There is no right or wrong way to handle a tantrum, you just need to figure out which way works best for you and your child. 

I am still learning and trying to figure out which is the best way to handle my youngest when she has a tantrum.

* If you have any other tips or tricks please leave me comment below and I will try them with my very stubborn and strong willed toddler.*

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