Leg ulcer prep and update

Regular feature #3

Today I want to tell you the process I have to take when changing my leg dressings. Before I had the compression stockings I used to go and see the nurse twice a week and they would do it all, however now it’s all down to me and I only go once a week so they can keep an eye on the progress or lack of at the moment!

When I’m at the doctors everything is clean and has been cleaned to a clinical standard but when i’m at home I have to make sure that I anti-bac everything in the area that I will be doing the dressing change. I normally do my dressing change sat on my sofa because I have to soak my leg for 20 minutes in potassium permanganate, I forgot to take a picture of this process. It’s a purple liquid that help dry out the wound and help fight any bacteria that is on the surface of the skin.

Before I soak my leg i have to get all the other items I need ready. While the soak is on and after it comes off I can not walk around and expose the ulcer to the air for too long as this can cause an infection and when you have an infection it bloody hurts!

The above image is all the items I need when changing the leg dressings, I use

  • Latex free softswab gauze
  • Emolient spray (Vaseline spray)

I use these two items to clean the wound after the soak as leaving any of the purple liquid can burn my skin.

  • Clean gloves
  • Non adherent Inadine patches
  • Drymax extra pads

This is the next step. When using iodine I always wear gloves as it can stain everything, I have had many accidents where I’ve forgotten the gloves and iodine has got onto my pj bottoms. The Inadine patches are large gauze pads soaked in Iodine, They sting like hell! The Drymax is a thin super absorbent pad that soaks up and fluid that leaks from the ulcer.

  • Beige stocking
  • Black stocking

This is the last step. The beige stocking is the liner that goes over the top of the dressings to keep them in place. The black stocking is the compression stocking and this has to go over the top of the beige stocking, This is by far the worst part of the dressing change as once this goes on everything is squeezed closer onto my leg and I get a surge of pain going through my leg.


This is how my leg is looking at the moment. There is no real change in the size of the wound but the brown/ deep red parts on top are where the wound is starting to dry and form a scab.

* Please let me know if there is anything you would like to know about my ulcer, I am happy to share with you all.



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