Ella strikes again!

Regular feature #1

I knew from the moment Ella woke up she was going to be in a mischievous mood. She had that cheeky little grin on her face when I walked into the girls bedroom.

My older children were off school as it was half term, it was a gorgeous day outside, I would have loved to have taken the kids out for the day but unfortunately it was DDay and I had to go and see the nurse.

My older children think it’s great fun when Ella gets into one of her funny moods. It all started at the doctor’s surgery when Ella decided she wanted to run around and say hello to everyone sat in the waiting room. She completely ignored everything I was asking her to do.

When we came back home it was lunch time but before making lunch I needed to change Ella’s nappy. while I was doing this the older children were deciding what they wanted and asking which ingredients we needed.

I completely forgot to put the nappy cream out of reach and while I was making lunch Ella got hold of it!


I heard a massive roar of laughter coming from the living room and went to investigate and found Ella like this. She thought it was brilliant covering herself in the cream.

I Know she is just being a normal toddler and to be honest my other two did the same. You have to look on the funny side of parenting or it will make you cry!

she looks like she has the mask on from phantom of the opera!


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xx Regular feature #1 xx

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