20 Activities to tame your toddler

Toddlers are little whirl winds of fun and frustration, I would love to play with Ella all day but unfortunately  as every parent knows that’s’ just not possible.  When a toddler starts to get bored and wants more attention, they can unleash chaos upon the whole house.

I would like to share my list of 20 Activities that I love to do with my toddler.


There are two types of activities we like to do, NON – MESSY and MESSY. Not every child likes to get messy and play with paints so I have made a list of 10 activities for each type.


  • STICKERS PICTURES.  This is a great activity for toddlers as it improves their fine motor skills and once you have shown them how to take the stickers off, you can get onto a job that you need to do.
  • LEGO + BUILDING BLOCKS.  This activity is good to boost their creativity and I think nearly every child enjoys to build with them.
  •  FORT BUILDING.  With a few household item you can help your toddler build an awesome fort, my daughter likes to hide inside and have a pony picnic.
  • COLANDER + PIPE CLEANERS. This is a simple activity but it can keep your toddler busy for quite a while, they have to thread the pipe cleaners through the hole in the colander.
  • PRETEND PLAY.  My daughter like to play with her babies and ponies and pretend they are real. This is great for improving their imagination.
  • THE FLOOR IS LARVA. All three of my children love this game. I place some cushions on the floor and they have to get from one side of the room to the other without touching the floor.
  • PLAYING DRESS UP.  We have so many costumes ranging from my sons old hero costumes to my daughters princess and fairy dresses.
  • EDUCATIONAL GAME APPS.  I know some parents do not agree with letting their children play with computers and apps but it’s something that Ella enjoys doing together with us and she is learning at the same time.
  • GARDEN PLAY.  Everyone can get sick of being indoors all day and sometimes spending a little time in the garden can change a childs mood completely.
  • READING BOOKS.  This is the easiest way to calm my daughter down if she is having a hard time with something. It’s a great activity to do just before nap time and bed time.


This next list of activities are the MESSY PLAY ACTIVITIES. At this age toddlers still like to put things in their mouths, my daughter is quite good at not doing this any more. However if your child still explores by putting things in their mouth you can find some amazing edible recipes online to make the same elements that are on this list.


  • PLAY DOUGH.  My daughter loves experimenting with the texture and colours of play dough. she also enjoys playing with all the shape cutters.
  • SOAP FOAM. This is a great sensory activity and can keep a toddler very engaged and improve their concentration. All you need is some bubble bath, a small amount of water and a mixer. Colouring is optional. (WARNING If food colouring is used it can cause staining on clothes and skin.)
  • WATER PLAY.  I think nearly every child loves to play with water, This is the easiest messy play activity to set up and your toddler can happily play while you sit back with a cuppa and enjoy watching them.
  • ICE CUBE FUN.  Add different coloured water to an ice-cube tray and place in the freezer. Once frozen place all the ice cubes into the same bowl and watch your child play with the cubes, they will melt and the colours mix together.
  • WIBBLE WOBBLE JELLY.  My daughter loves to play with jelly as it feels strange and slimy, she giggles every time it slips through her fingers.
  • FINGER + HAND PAINTING. This is a great activity if you child like to get messy and they can produce some great pictures to give to relatives.
  • PASTA PLAY. This is another great sensory activity. All you need to do is cook some spaghetti, let it cool and add colouring if you wish. This is brilliant if you can fill a large shallow container they can sit in.
  • GLUEY HANDS. Ella enjoys creating pictures, so all I do is draw round my hands, cut up some spare paper, pre-glue the hand prints and let her get sticking.
  • SHAVING FOAM. when you add some small toys such as sea animals, cars or dinosaurs to a container of shaving foam, it makes this activity even more fun.
  • STRETCHY SLIME.  You can find so many different recipes for this online. All of my children love playing with this.


These are my favorite activities to do with Ella, I would really love to hear about any activities you enjoy doing with your children. Xx



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