Revamping the girls bedroom.

Children travel through many sleeping arrangements as they grow up, sleeping arrangements are very different for every parent and every child.  Sleep is such an important part of life and its essential to get it right.

When we moved into our new house two years ago, my middle daughter had to get used to sharing her new bedroom with her younger sister.

At first Ella was in a mosses basket then into a cot and she eventually learnt how to climb out of off it, so we took down the sides and transformed it into a toddler bed. This is where we are at right now, Ella has been in the toddler cot bed for about 5/6 months now.


Recently her sleep patterns have been really disturbed and she is very restless. Even though we have a foam triangle safety guard on the side of her bed she has rolled over it and fallen out of bed twice last week.

After a long discussion with the husband, we agreed that we would get the girls some bunk beds. As much as I hate to admit it, Ella is growing up and getting too big for her cot bed and really needs a bigger bed, however the girls bedroom is not big enough for two single beds.


We ordered the bunk beds and they arrived the next day. Kira (my middle daughter) was so excited, I think she could have burst, we included the girls while daddy was putting the beds up so they thought they were really helping.


After it was all finished and set up, I stayed upstairs playing with the girls so they can get used to their new beds before going to bed that night. Ella loved getting in and out of her new bed. They have so much more space to play in.

That night I continued Ellas’ normal  bedtime routine and off to bed we went, she got straight into bed with no playing around, found her snuggy blanket, gave me a kiss and cuddle and I left the room. Normally at this point she would be crying and screaming at her gate wanting to come down again but she shocked me completely, I didn’t hear a peep out of her and went straight to sleep and stayed asleep all night.

Both girls had a great sleep and woke up in such good moods the next day. It just proves how important good sleep really is. I’m so glad we made the decision to put Ella in the bigger bed. This is how their bedroom looks now.



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