Speed cleaning – 20 minute dash.

Regular feature #2

Hey. Its 20 Minute dash time again. Last time I tackled the downstairs rooms, so this time I thought I would do our bedrooms.

Thankfully the rooms were not too bad. Our house has three bedrooms, as much as I would love to give my girls their own bedrooms we just can not afford it, which means they have to share. This is the bedroom that generally gets the messiest and take most time to keep tidy. My son has what we call ‘The box room’ he can’t really fit much into it, even his wardrobe has to be in the girls room as it will not fit in his, so its easy for his room to look a mess. My room tends to look like this until the older children go to school and then I go up and tidy it.

This is what our rooms looked like before my 20 Minute dash.

20 Minute dash
Bedrooms before 20 Minute dash

So my list for the upstairs is…

  • Make all the beds.
  • Open the windows.
  • Collect all the dirty washing. ( I tend to just throw it all down the stairs into a pile)
  • Tidy all the toys.
  • Tidy/declutter all the sides and shelves.
  • Fold clothes and close wardrobe door and draw.
  • Dust the surfaces.
  • Vacuuming.

With a toddler in tow, I set my alarm and off I went. I Know it may be harsh but I put the toddler in her bedroom to play (behind a locked baby gate) while I tackled the other two rooms. I started in my sons room as it’s the smallest and quickly moved into my room. I love having a made bed, It just seems to make the room look so much better. There was not really much to do in my room, I left the worst room to last as I knew it would take me the longest. (Leaving the baby gate locked so she couldn’t attack the other rooms) I started on the girls room and everything was taking twice as long because the toddler was trying to help. In the end I gave her a cloth and asked her to help dust the wardrobe door.

I managed to get everything done apart from the vacuuming, which I finished after the timer went off but it only took a minute or two as I have a Cordless handheld vacuum, it helps to move from one room to another without the cord getting in the way.

20 Minute dash.1
Bedrooms after 20 Minute dash.

This is how the rooms looked after I had finished the 20 Minute dash.

It would be great to hear from you about any cleaning challenges you set yourself.



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