My Daily routine as a stay-at-home mum.

When I first became a stay-at-home mum it was great and I loved it, I loved having so much time to spend with my children, I loved not having to rush around trying to get all my household jobs done before I went to bed as I wouldn’t have time in the morning.

However after a month or so it started getting boring as Ella was only a newborn and slept quite a lot of the time and I started to get really unorganised and the house turned into a mess. I decided I was going to change all of this and get myself organised and start a proper daily routine.

6am – I like to wake up early so I can enjoy my coffee and take my painkillers before the children get up. I also start a load of washing.

7am – I get the kids up and make them breakfast. Both of my older children have different school morning routines as they have different tasks that they do.

8.30am – My older children go to school, I am very lucky that my husband does the school run.

morning jobs
Morning job list.

At this point me and Ella then head upstairs and get ready for the day. I get her dressed, I get dressed and do my skin care routine then I start my morning cleaning routine while I’m already upstairs and Ella plays in her bedroom.

9.30am – Ella will normally play for about 25/30 minutes when I’m finished we will head downstairs and she has a snack and I make a coffee. After this if we have any errands/ appointments/family visits we will start getting ready to head out of the door.

10am – If we are staying in for the day, I will get out an activity that I know will keep her busy for a little while so I can finish off my morning cleaning downstairs. If Ella has had enough playing and I’m not finished, she usually follows me around and helps me with my jobs.

Activity time

10.30am – We have Mummy and me playtime, Ella gets 100% of my attention and we go into the playroom and play with her toys, building blocks, play dough or we go and play in the garden if it is a nice day.

11.30am – Ella has lunch.  I like to give Ella an early lunch because she still naps during the day and by the time she wakes it is too late for her eat lunch.

12pm – Since Ella was little we got into the routine of reading her a story before she goes down for a sleep.

Ella sleeps from 12pm to 2pm.

During this time I tidy up this mornings toys and activities, reboot the washing machine and make myself some lunch.

12.30pm – I have to rest my leg for at least an hour a day. When I rest my leg it has to be elevated higher than my hips. This is when I catch up on any programmes I have recorded, I also like to read my magazines or my kindle. Napping is also an option on the cards some days.

2pm – Most days I have to go and wake Ella, If I don’t wake her up at this time it is a lot harder to get her to bed later.

2.30pm – Ella has a snack and we play together until the older children come home.

3.30pm – The older children get home, empty their bags, letters and water bottles are placed on the kitchen side and they go get changed out of their uniforms.

4pm – Twice a week they have homework to complete, not on the same days. so we sit at the table and I help when it is needed.

4.30pm – I start dinner, normally on a school night I tend to cook a simple dinner. The children have free play until dinner is ready.

Free play time

5pm – The children eat dinner. Ella is a very picky eater and it can be difficult to get her to eat a whole meal so I tend to eat later after she has gone to bed.

5.30pm – After dinner my children have a bath or shower. They don’t have a bath every night. One night my son will have a shower and the next night my daughters will have a bath.

6.30pm – Ella still has a bottle of milk before she goes to bed, I take this time to sit with her and read her a story.

7pm – Ella goes to bed and the older children get free time, at this point they are allowed to spend some time on their laptops.

After Ella goes to bed, the hubby will start dinner while I tidy up and put everything away.

8pm – Kira will go to bed and Callum will read a book for 30 minutes. Our dinner is normally ready by now.

Tonight’s dinner

8.30pm – Callum goes to bed and I will tidy up after dinner and turn on the dishwasher.

9pm – I take my make up off, jump in the shower and relax for the rest of the night.

This is my week day routine, our weekend routine is a lot more relaxed. Since having this routine in place I have found I feel better, my home is more organised and my children seem to behave a bit better.

I would love for you to leave me a comments and let me know if you liked this post and would like to see more on routines.


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