Day out with nan.

(My Nan didn’t want to be in any other images but she approved of the one below. ha ha)
My Nan and me.

When I was a child I used to love going to my Nan’s house. It was always somewhere I knew we would be having fun. We would cook together, play all the traditional board games and have some really nice family time.


One of my best memories was getting up early on a saturday and getting ready to spend the whole day with my Nan, we would always have hotdogs for lunch and eat them in the garden and then head out to the local park. This particular park has a huge play area, it also has a large enclosure of animals. One side is filled with small birds and the other is filled with rabbits, ducks and other smaller animals. It was great fun feeding them.

Callum and Ella

This soon became a regular day out that we had with our Nan and it’s something I will always associate with spending time with her.

Years later, the amount of animals in the enclosure has reduced but the park has changed dramatically and is now twice as big. The tradition I used to share with my Nan has now become a tradition that we have continued with my three children and from what I see, they enjoy it just as much as I did.


Its great seeing my children and my Nan enjoying their time together. We very nearly lost my nan to breast cancer. She was so strong and determined to meet her new great-grandchildren (Ella and my niece) that she has made it through the fight and I cherish every day I get to spend with her.

It’s funny how scenarios can repeat themselves over time, My children always say ‘ Mum why do the hotdogs taste better at grandmas?’ I used to say the same thing to my mum and to this day I actually couldn’t tell you why but they just do.

Ella at the park

The park we go to is made from mainly a wooden frame with wires and bridges attaching them all. My children love the big circular swing because all three of them can fit on at the same time. Most of the equipment is better suited for the older children but Ella still loves to have a go at it all. It’s a great park for the children to boost their self esteem as there are many things to do there that are a bit more challenging than the traditional swing + slide type of park.


we will spend quite a while down the park as there is a huge grass area opposite so if the children have had enough in the park they can go and run around on the grass, play some games and see the animals.


We are all shattered by the end of the day but it’s so good go out and enjoy the day. I love having that connection with my Nan and love spending time with her. All the time my Nan still wants to and is able to come to the park with us, I am going to take as much advantage as I can.


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