20 Minute dash – Readers challenge

Regular feature #2

It’s dash time again. I only realised yesterday that I’ve not uploaded a dash post for a while. However I want this 20 Minute dash to be a bit different.

I will do a quick run through of what a 20 Minute dash is.
Firstly pick 2/3 rooms that need a good tidy up. (This is not full on clean or organising)

After you have decided on your rooms, write a list of all the jobs that need doing in them. It doesn’t matter what you write your list on. Sometimes I use pen and paper, sometimes I write a list on my phone.

This is normally the time I take my ‘Before’ pictures.

Finally set your stopwatch/alarm for 20 Minutes and then…


See how many jobs you can get done within the 20 Minutes.

I like to have music on while I’m doing this so nothing catches my attention and distracts me. (This is very easily done)

After your 20 Minutes are up, go back to your list and cross off all the jobs you managed to complete, some people find it easier to do this as they go along, it’s your choice.

Lastly take pictures of the rooms after you have finished your dash.

These are the before and after pictures of my latest 20 Minute dash. You will notice in the ‘after’ pictures there is news paper on the floor, we are still toilet training the pup and he has a few accidents sometimes.

Also we had a bit of a miss-hap with the pup getting hold of wires and had to move an object in our living room. Can you see which object we had to move? If so leave me a comment and let me know.

The challenge I would like to set you is…
Have a go at your own 20 Minute dash, take before and after pictures and post them in the comments below or my other social media accounts.

How many rooms did you pick? Did you get all your jobs done?
It would be great to hear from you either on my Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter.
Search for @limpingmum and let me know what you thought of the challenge.


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