Red vape are a British company that make gourmet E-liquids using only the finest natural ingredients. currently have four E-liquids in their premium range and five E-liquids in their reserva range.

PREMIUM RANGE. British made E-liquids use only the finest quality ingredients to produce a collection of exciting flavours that has something to suit everyone’s taste.

RESERVA RANGE. This collection is an exquisite range of naturally extracted tobacco E-liquids (NET’s) Each liquid has been expertly crafted from some of the world’s very best tobaccos.

I picked two E-liquids to test from the Premium range.

ANGEL BERRY and NOBEL MINT ( nicotine 6mg)

The E-liquids come in 10ml bottles with childproof dropper caps. The bottle arrived in cardboard packaging with an information leaflet inside. The packaging and labels are very stylish. The black and silver work really well together and you get the splash of colour depending on which E-liquid you choose. All of the labels and packaging feature very clear information and the correct warnings for the product.

All of the liquids are mixed to 50vg/50pg and are available in three different nicotine strengths. 12mg, 6mg, 3mg.

ANGEL BERRY (Raspberry, Dewberry, Blueberry and Granny smith apple extract blended with a hint of sweet water mint creates this fruity and refreshing E-liquid)

When you first inhale you get a lovely taste of Raspberry and Blueberry which is subtly joined by the Dewberry and you are left with a delicious Apple after taste. Unfortunately I didn’t really get any hit of the Mint but that doesn’t take away anything from the overall flavours. My normal E-liquid choice is generally berry flavours. In my opinion if you are like me and enjoy the berry flavours this is definitely one try, I really enjoyed vaping this E-liquid. The flavours are not overpowering and blend really well together. I had this E-liquid in 6mg and it gives you a very nice smooth throat hit.


NOBEL MINT (Spearmint, Swedish Lingonberry with a hint of Red currant extract creates a beautiful subtle and refreshing fruity mint vape.)

On the first inhale you taste the Spearmint flavour, it is very refreshing and is not too strong, this is closely followed by the Lingonberry flavour before finally blending with the Red currant to leave a lovely fruity after taste. The overall mix of these flavours work really well together and none of the flavours are stronger than the next. The throat hit is very mild and I could happily vape this E-liquid all day without getting bored with it.



I found these E-liquids to be made at a very high standard and all the flavours used are blended really well together. I really enjoyed testing these E-liquids. My favorite out of the two E-liquids I tried was the Angel berry and I will be ordering some more bottles. I would highly recommend both E-liquids to berry vapers and menthol vapers.

If you would like to try these E-liquids for yourself, You can purchase them at

I would like to say a big thank you to for kindly sending me these E-liquids to review.

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