Morning cleaning routine.

With three children and four dogs our house can get in a mess very quickly. I have tried so many schedules, list books, to-do pages and nothing really fitted our family. So I wrote down every job that needed to be done around the house, jobs like hoovering, cleaning the bathroom, getting the washing done…

The list just kept getting bigger and bigger. 

I decided to break the list down into four groups. 

  1. Morning cleaning routine. 
  2. Weekly jobs to get done.
  3. Evening cleaning routine.
  4. Non-cleaning jobs to get done.

Instead of writing a list out everyday, I typed up the different groups and printed them out, put them into a clear wallet so I can check them off with a white board marker and wipe it clean when I’m finished. 

In this post I am going to focus on my morning cleaning routine as this is the biggest group. I’m always the first person awake in the mornings so my cleaning routine starts downstairs.

The very first thing I do is start or switch over the washing. Normally I set a timer on my washing machine to start early and finish just as im waking up. Some days this doesn’t happen so I just start a load straight away. 

Next I will empty the dishwasher so it’s ready to be filled up during the day. By now the kids are up and eating breakfast. Children will be children and will make a mess so after they have finished, I clean up after breakfast. Our main recycling bin is out the front of our house and to make it easier on my leg I have a storage basket that is kept in the kitchen to collect recycling during the day, we empty the recycling basket every morning to stop the build up. 

My children like to get changed downstairs in the mornings, I don’t no why but they do, so there tends to be some clothes left laying around. The next jobs is going around and picking up any dirty washing.  After everything has been cleared and picked up my last jobs for downstairs are to Hoover and mop the floors. 

While the floors are drying I head up stairs and make the beds and open all the windows. I find making the beds everyday makes a room look so much better. 

Next I pick up dirty washing, there is a laundry basket in every bedroom which makes it easier for the kids to keep the washing off the floor. 

Now we have a play room downstairs, my kids tends to keep their bedrooms quite tidy so I just do a quick bedroom tidy up and put things away.  If i dont put the washing away in the morning i end up with a big build up and it takes me an hour to put it all away. My older children are old enough now to put their own washing away so I fold their washing and place it on their bed.

I like to do a quick clean of the bathroom everyday. I give the bath and sink a quick wipe over to get rid of bubble or toothpaste marks. I give the toilet a once over to keep it clean. 

Then I go back downstairs and have a well deserved  coffee break
 This routine will normally take me about an hour each day and it means when I do a deeper clean it doesn’t take me as long because ive kept on top if things. 

I dont always do all of these jobs on my own I do get the children to help me out as well. I hope you enjoyed finding out my morning cleaning routine. Let me know below if you would like to find out about my evening routine. 

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