20 Minute Dash : Speed cleaning.

Regular feature #2

Hey I’m back with another 20 Minute Dash.

So for the last few days I’ve been solo parenting and at the same time I’ve had a cold sitting in the background making me feel crap but not quite ready to show its ugly head. My kids were starting to get cabin fever and had so much energy it was driving me crazy. The house wasn’t a total mess (apart from the kitchen) but I knew if I didn’t get on top of it now it could possible turn into a total mess within a few short hours.

On this day the sun was shinning and the kids had loads of energy so I got out the garden toys, Nurf guns, balls, bubbles and anything I could think off that would keep them entertained in the garden so they could get rid off some of their energy. The older two were doing a great job of playing with the toddler and including her in their games, I took some snacks and drink out to them and asked if they could look after her while I did a quick 20 Minute Dash.

Well that one sentence changed the plan I had in my head. They got all excited at the thought of a 20 Minute Dash and decided if we added more jobs on the list and they helped me we would definitely get it all done as there would be three ( and a half) of us doing it. So here’s my extended list.wp-image-304184519.

We broke the jobs down between us to make it easier. Callum chose to clear and clean the kitchen sides, Wipe over the sofas in the playroom and front room and empty the front room bin. Kira chose to load the dishwasher and she loves my new cordless hoover and wanted to hoover all the rooms. so that left me with empty the kitchen bin, putting away the toys and dusting in the playroom, clearing the sides, floor and sofas in the front room and moping all the floors.

This is what the rooms looked like before.


We turned off the TV and put some music on, straight away the kids were getting hyped up ready to to get going. I set the timer for 20 minutes and off we went. I was actually really hopeful that we could get it all done and this was a proud mummy moment, they were giving up their playing time to come and help me without me having to moan to them about doing chores.  There was giggles and singing coming from the kitchen, singing coming from the front room and Ella was running around like a crazy child not really sure what was going on but she was having fun anyway. I have never seen both my older children running around doing all these chores so fast EVER before. It was great AND they were having fun.

The 20 Minute timer went off and we were finished. We had managed to get everything done just as the timer went off. Callum smelt like the sofa cleaner, Kira was soaked from rinsing the dishes before going into the dishwasher and Ella had a wet bum because she had slipped over on the wet floor but the rooms looked great and I was very grateful for their help.

This is what the rooms looked liked after.


As a thank you for helping the children had ice lollies and we deserved rest. I will definitely be suggesting this 20 Minute Dash to my children again, We got all the jobs done and had fun as a family at the same time.

It would be great to hear from you if you have tried the 20 Minute Dash and let me know if your children wanted to get in on the challenge as well.


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