My bad habits as a stay-at-home mum!

When I saw an article on Pinterest called ‘ Bad habit and other mistakes stay at home moms make’ it grabbed my attention, it made me think ‘ oh I know for sure I’ve picked up some bad habits, I wonder what its gonna say in this article’ However after reading the article something just didn’t sit right with me, I don’t really feel or do any of these things in the article, for example I’ve never been ashamed of being a SAHM.

But it did get me thinking about what actually are my bad habits I’ve picked up.

Bad habit #1 Comparing myself to the working mums.

daughters-1054308_640I don’t do the school run very often but when I do, I always find myself looking at the well dressed, cheerful and completely put together mums, thinking they look so much better than I do and how the hell do they manage to look that good so early in the morning? When I wake up if I haven’t already picked out what I will be wearing, I put on the first thing I see in my wardrobe and be done with it. I’m a grumpy morning person up until my 3rd-4th coffee and I definitely don’t have time in the morning before the school run to have 4 coffees, also theses other mums are happy and cheerful and I’m just like Argh! haha!

Bad habit #2 Telling my children little white lies but telling them off for doing the same thing.

I remember one year for Christmas my daughter was given a baby doll, that could cry and make baby sounds, this thing drove me up the wall so while she was asleep, I took the batteries out and hid it. The next day my daughter asked me where it was and I told her “I haven’t seen it darling”  A few days later the last bag of chocolate cookies had gone missing from the snack cupboard and when asked my daughter swore blind she hadn’t taken them, When I found the wrapper under her pillow and I told her off for 1. taking the cookies and 2. for lying to me. Please tell me I’m not the only parent who does this?

Bad habit #3 I try to micro-manage my children.

This isn’t so much of a stay-at-home mum thing just one of my bad habits. When my children are faced with a problem or challenge instead of letting them figure out the best way to solve it, I rush in and tell them the way I would do it.  An example is when I was teaching my son to make his own sandwiches, because he holds a knife different to me, he also butters bread differently and I kept showing him the way I did it and tell him that’s the way he should be doing it, in the end he just said to me ” Mum Can you leave me to do it my way or do you want to do it?” That’s when I knew I had to take a step back and let him figure out his own way of doing it.

Bad habit #4 Thinking I will have time to do a job/chore later in the day.time-430625_640

This is a habit I have recently changed as my children have been on school holiday but before that I would look at the dirty dishes by the sink and think, I will do that later when I have 5 minutes or I will look at the rugs and think I’ll hoover then later, well later never comes because when I thought I would have that 5 minutes to do the washing up, something else came up that needed my attention, as for hoovering the rugs by the time I remembered my kids had gone to bed (They are light sleeper so I can’t use the hoover) so it just got left for another day.

Bad habit #5 & 6 Letting my children spend too much time watching TV or their laptops. & Never sitting down and just ‘being’ with my children.

This is a combined bad habit, using the first one I always do the second one.  Most parents at some point will use the TV as a babysitter, If your child is tired and ratty or if they are hungry and dinners cooking. As my children are getting older they tend not to watch TV as much but their laptops. They ask me if they can watch them and if they have done all their jobs I will say yes but sometimes they are so quiet I forget how long they have actually been sat there which leads to them having screen time for a lot longer than they should. Which bring me nicely onto the next the bad habit, My youngest isn’t really interested in TV, she would rather be with me doing what I’m doing but when the older two are watching TV I will use this time to write-up some more of a blog post or put another load of washing on or load the dishwasher. I very rarely actually sit down with my children, with a coffee and just ‘be’ with them watching TV together.

Bad habit #7 Thinking and sometimes being quite vocal that I know my children better than my husband does because they are with me more.

Quite a few times my husband has suggested things for our children and straight away I have shot his idea down and told him NO they won’t like that, they like this and when he asks why I think that, my reply almost always is “Well I know my kids” and that implies that he doesn’t. A few times my kids have surprised me and have sided with the hubby but not many times. haha!  He does know our children very well, he just knows a different side to them than me because its me that will play games with them and lots of activities but my husband is the one that will sit with them to watch films and he does most of the school runs so they tend to be calmer and talk to him.

hand-1839105_640Bad habit #8 Getting sucked into the internet and not giving my children my full attention.

This has been happening more since I’ve started blogging but I’m terrible for it, I get sucked in to social media sites promoting my blog, commenting on other peoples blogs and the worst one for me is Youtube. I will be watching a video and one of my children will ask me for something and instead of just pausing it I will say ” Hold on a minute, let me watch this and I’ll be with you”  It’s after I’ve actually stopped and listened to my children that I start to feel guilty for making them wait ALSO when I’ve asked my children to do something and they reply with the same answer I give, I will say to them “NO stop and listen to me.” Once my daughter has replied to me “Why? that’s what you say to us” and I feel even worse then.

Bad habit #9 Thinking I will remember things and don’t have to write them down.

My Brain is like mush, I swear unless you are telling me something that is happening in that week, I really need to write it down or it will be forgotten forever ( or until someone reminds me! haha!) I have so much going on in my head, school stuff, home stuff, medication stuff and sometimes there just isn’t any more room for new things. I have a lovely Erin Condren planner that I have to write all of our activities in or I will forget which days the kids are meant to be at certain places, I also have a family calendar in the kitchen that the whole family writes on just in case I forgot to write things in my diary.

Bad habit #10 Staying in my pyjamas for more than a day. ( Not as gross as it sounds)feet-199551_640

I think nearly everyone enjoys a pyjama day, my kids love it! If I know I’m not going anywhere that day and I don’t really have to do much I will quite happily spend the day in my pyjamas, I find when I stay in my pyjamas all day it makes me feel a bit slugish, That evening I will have a shower and put clean pyjamas on and then the next day I will do the same again.  I’m lucky enough that my husband does most of the school runs but if I had to do them or if I had to go to work I wouldn’t be able to do this. I don’t stay in my pyjamas very often, it tends to be if I’m having a rough time handling the pain from my leg.

Well that’s my 10 bad habits as a stay-at-home mum. Some of them I do because I get to be a SAHM and some of them are just my bad habits. It would be good to hear from you and find out I’m not the only mum with these bad habits.

Leave me a comment below and let me know about your parenting bad habits.



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4 thoughts on “My bad habits as a stay-at-home mum!

  1. Hi There! Thanks for such an informative post. I just recently started back at work full time. I use to feel so guilty, as my daughter would be at childcare! However, I also find that when I’m just at home with her full time, we both get bored (probably because I only have 1 child) I find that I’m always on my phone, she’s watching way too much TV and I actually spend less time with her surprisingly. Now that I’m back at work, I value my time with her so much more. I actually ‘spend’ it with her. It’s probably because I’m not great at home, I’m an awful cook and I hopeless at washing and ironing haha!

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    1. Hi thank you for your comment. I Used to feel guilty about going to work but I think it does children good being a nursery because they get to make friends and play with new toys. Being a SAHM is very boring and I totally agree with you when say about spending more ‘real’ time together when you work. I’m a complete failure when it come to cooking, I can manage the simple things but that’s about it. haha! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey. I totally relate to this & am guilt of most.
    With regards #1 remember those mums that ‘look’ like they have it together have their own shit going on in their head too. Comparing ourselves is a receipt for disaster. That said it doesn’t stop me doing it! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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