Back to school: How we get ready for it.

We are now in the last week of my childrens summer holidays. It has been lovely having all three of my children at home and we have had some great days out together but now my children are starting to get bored and are missing their friends.

This year we have two big milestones happening, Ella is starting nursery and my oldest,Callum, is starting secondary school. Ella starts nursery on the Monday and my older two start back at school on the Tuesday. I want their first day back to go as smoothly as possible, there are a few things I do to make sure that happens.

This is my list of thing that I do withing the week before my children go back to school.

wp-image-1854898383My children start going to bed and waking up the same time as they would for school.

Doing this a week early gives their body and brain time to get used to these new times so they are not tired at school on them fist few days.

Jump back into our normal reading routine.

wp-image-1685588072My children enjoy reading but over the holidays our reading routine gets put on hold for a while. ~Our normal school reading routine is I try and read a book to Ella ( Shes not really fussed on reading at the moment, she is more of an active child.) 10/15 Minutes before Kira goes to bed she will read me a chapter or book of her choice and Callum will read for 30 Minutes before he goes to bed.

wp-image-2138561282I re-wash and iron all the school uniforms.

All of the uniforms were washed at the begging of the holiday when we had brought them but I like to re-wash and iron them to freshen them up because they have been sat in the wardrobes for 5/6 weeks.

wp-image-227465275Get my children to break-in their new school shoes.

There is nothing worse than getting a blister from new shoes, they hurt like hell and with every step it gets worse. I want my children to enjoy their fist day back and not have to deal with pain from a blister, so getting them to walk around the house in their new shoes help the shoes soften up before the big day.

wp-image-791541878I get my children to double check their holiday homework and make sure everything has been done.

I hate it on Monday morning when one of my children say ” mum I haven’t finished my homework” It drives me crazy and it really doesn’t look good on the first day back and you haven’t done your homework so I make them check it and finish anything that needs to be finished.

school-lunch-1734646_640Order any lunches that need be done via the school website.

Now Callum has gone up to secondary school, I only need to pre-order Kiras lunches, Callum and Ella will be taking a packed lunch with them. We Pick out Kiras lunches for a whole week so it’s one less thing we have to worry about.

backpack-152705_640Packing any PE or sports kit bag early and placing them in the cupboard by the door.

Getting these extra bags sorted and making sure everything they need is in their bags before the day means that they are sitting there ready and we don’t have to rush around the night before trying to find everything, they can be picked up on the way out the door when the children leave for school.

fabric-1214933_640Naming every item of school uniform.

This year I ordered some name stickers for my childrens school uniform. They are easy to use and don’t come off very easily. Unfortunately these haven’t arrived yet so I have just gone through all the uniform and used a sharpie to write there names in everything. School uniform can be expensive so losing a jumper a few days into the school school year can be quite costly ( I know from experience, Callum used to leave his jumpers every where)

calendar-2559708_640I sit and make a meal plan with my children.

I like to make an early meal plan for the week my children go back to school, We sit down together look at their options for lunch and then pick out which of their favourite dinner they want when they get home and that way I can get all the things I need and  know they wont argue or make a fuss over dinner and it another thing we don’t have to worry about.

laptop-2605876_640Check the schools websites for any updates I have missed or forgotten.

The last thing I like to do and I do this the morning the children go back as well is check their schools website for any updates. Our schools are really good we normally receive an email of all the updates but just in case I have forgotten anything or missed something I always double check, Its the worst feeling when your child turns up to school and you have missed a notice about funky hair day or face painted day..

**  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **  **

There are many people that do a lot of these thing the day or night before school starts but where I have three children at school, this would take up my entire day so I like to stretch it out and start getting things ready during the week before school starts.

Going back to school or starting a new school can be quite daunting and exciting at the same time. children get to see their friends they have missed over the holidays but also they are starting a new adventure with a new class room and new teacher. For the children starting a new school this can be a very nervous time, Callum is quite a shy person at school and can get quite anxious bout starting school, He only knows a few people in his tutor group and he’s not 100% sure on the lunch routine.

Getting all these things ready and starting back into the old routine before the start of school really help my children, they get nervous on the first day as many other children do and I want them to know that everything has been organised and prepared before hand so they don’t have to get worried and worked up about it the night before.

I hope you found this useful and maybe some of the things I do before school starts can help you and your children get ready and organised to start the new school year.

Leave me a comment before and let me know, is there anything you do to get ready for the new school year?




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