Leg ulcer update: Images included

wp-image-2119598767Regular Feature #3

My children went back to school today and not to sound horrible, I am so glad they have, I’m glad all the uniform has been brought, all the stationary has been sorted and no more walking round 3/4 shoes shops because my daughter can’t find any school shoes she likes!

Over the summer holidays I’ve hardly had any chance to rest my leg and I have definitely being paying for it, the last two weeks I’ve been in more pain and have had to use more morphine and relying on my tablets to get me through the day.

Last time I changed my dressing I re-applied the iodine patches. The ulcer wasn’t looking great, it was quite wet and had some yellow (sloughy) skin over the top and the muscle was getting bigger also you could slightly see the tendon in the middle of the muscle. (creamy white line down the middle)wp-image-663894623.

wp-image-1256244857.Inadine is a brand of non-adherent surgical dressing containing the disinfectant povidone-iodine (PVP-I). This dressing is typically used on open wounds that may become infected, before or after surgery or even used on existing infected wounds. Before use, patients will be asked about any known susceptibility to iodine hypersensitivity.

Today when I changed the dressing it look a bit better. It wasn’t as wet and most of the yellow dead skin had gone however some parts of the ulcer have become quite deep and worring, I know the reason why.

HAHA! look at the hairs on my leg! I’m not allowed to shave them in case I get an infection.

I have had to remove the main compression stocking because where my leg is so skinny now and my Achilles tendon hasn’t got much protection from muscle, the compression stocking has been so tight, it has caused bruising up the back of my leg. Without the compression I’ve not had enough support to push the fluid back up my leg which causes a back step with the condition of the ulcer.

To help rectifying the problem I have changed to dressing type and have gone back to using the zinc bandages.

wp-image-49627964.VISCOPASTE PB7 bandage is made of open woven cloth impregnated with a paste containing 10 % Zinc Oxide BP rolled onto a plastic core. VISCOPASTE PB7 provides topical treatment. It provides a moist wound-healing environment over a leg ulcer, helps to reduce skin irritation, soothes and protects the surrounding skin. It will not dry out in use.VISCOPASTE PB7 is for use as a topical treatment only. It is indicated to assist the management of venous leg ulcers. Where venous insufficiency exists, the paste bandage should be used under graduated compression bandaging.

I’m really hoping  that using the zinc bandage dressing is going to help with the ulcer also now Ella is at nursery for 2 mornings and an afternoon each week I can start to really resting my leg like I should be.

Next week I have an appointment with the plastic surgeon and an appointment with the dermatologist so maybe, just maybe they might be able to come up with something. Wish me luck because they normally just tell me it up to ‘mother nature to heal me’

I would love to hear from you if you have ever had a wound that didn’t heal or if you have had to use any type of dressings.



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