Two became Three : 10 Things that will change and challenge you.

watercolour-1768925_640Many of you will know that I have three children Callum, Kira and Ella and this post was on my ideas list so when I heard the news that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her third royal baby, I thought now would be good time to write this post.

There are a lot of things that change once you have a third baby and when your pregnant no-one really tells you about the differences that are coming.

Here is my list of 10 things that will change and challenge you when two become three:


Having two children can be quite noisy but it comes in waves and it’s quite easy to separate two children and the noise level will drop however adding in another child to the mix makes it harder to keep them all separated and I find, once I have had to tell them to calm things down there is always one child that thinks its funny and that will set the other off again.

Not having enough hands.

active-1853657_640when crossing the road with two children, you have a hand to hold each childs hand. Crossing the road with three children, you are either trying to control a pram and a child each side of the pram or you have to try to make a hand-holding train going across the road. The best I have found if I’m walking with all three is to get my youngest one side of me and middle child the other side and get my oldest to hold my youngest hand.


With any amount of children, having mess and toys around it predictable. Having two  children in the house can cause quite a mess but in my opinion it’s quite easy to keep on top of the mess as long as you do a little each day. However when you have three children no matter how much you clean and tidy up, there will always be another mess seconds later, there will always be that toy that has been left hiding in the corner. I try to do at least one load of washing a day, most days its two loads but I very rarely see the bottom of the laundry basket now I have three children.


nissan-885309_640Now I don’t drive but my husband does and he is a real car person, This next difference I’ve seen first hand but from the funny side where my hubby saw it from a more serious side. When we just had two children, we had a lovely sporty stylish car, it had enough room for all of us, including car seats. When I found out I was pregnant and my husband came the realisation that all three children were not going to fit in the back of our current car, he was heart-broken when it came to the time of selling it.( It was quite funny to see how attached to this car he was!) With standard cars there just isn’t enough room in the back for more than two car seats so you have to start looking for a bigger more stereotypical large family car and as the cars get bigger so do the prices.


All children get ill, that’s a fact, From my experience when you have two children and one gets ill, the other child normally catches it as well and most of the time you have two sick children at the same time. When you have three children they are very rarely ill at the same time, for me it normally as the first sick child is recovering and getting over it, that’s normally when the third child gets ill and by the time the third child is finally recovering they have given whatever bug/sickness it was back to one of the other children. so the sickness seems to stick around for quite a bit longer when you have more children.

Sleep – Wait what’s that!!

baby-1151351_640To be honest my children are quite good at sleeping, I started them young into a simple routine I’ve used  for all of them but of course they are not perfect and the do play up from time to time and it’s always a stressful time when one is playing up now I have three children because when there was just two each parent could deal with one child but now if  one is playing up and ends up waking up the other two we kind of have to run around trying to settle each child and by the time we have settled two the other one is still awake and is keeping another child awake.

1-1 time with each child.

I believe every child needs 1-1 time with each parent, Do I always manage to do this? Definitely not! With two children its quite easy for each parent to spend 1-1 time them because one parent can take one child out while the other spends time with another child. Add another child into the mix and the 1-1 time then starts to get harder because one parent is always left with two children Also the length of 1-1 time gets shorter the more children you have.

Childrens independence.

washing-dishes-1112077_640Children like to help out when you have a baby and having two children is great because one is a baby and the other is eager to help. Having three children I found that instead of being eager to help with the baby, my eldest starting doing thing round the house to help and being more independent. He started loading the dishwasher and putting away his own washing. It was amazing to see his transformation, he even asked if he could learn how to make sandwiches and cups of tea.


I love a routine. it keeps my head straight and without them I get really stressed. When you have two children having a routine for both is great and even though the younger one will have a different personality they tend to fall straight into the same routine as the older one. However when you have three children, you have three different personalities and now the age gap between the oldest and the youngest is bigger so the older child will go to bed later and will be allowed to do things that the younger once aren’t. Combining all three different routines can be quite difficult and takes a while to get used to.

Your feelings.

When you have two children and you hear someone with three children say “I’m shattered, these kids are driving me crazy” and you think ‘It can’t be that hard, it’s only one more than I have’ then you actually have a third child, I can guaranty most people will eat their words. With three children you are more sympathetic to the mother who is dealing with a toddler melt down. You now know that every situation is different and you have to handle each child differently so you are less judgemental of how other parents are dealing with their child.

These are 10 things that I have noticed that have changed and challenged me since two became three.

Have you noticed anything change or be more challenging since you have had more children?



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