I don’t know what to do – Leg ulcer

If you follow my blog you will pretty much be up to date with whats going on with my leg ulcer, treatment wise, if you haven’t read it yet I have linked it here.

However lifestyle wise I have hit a brick wall and don’t know what to do. I physically cannot work because of being able to be on my feet for long periods of time and I think even if I could be on my feet for a longer time, no-one would hire me because I would have to have a lot of time off for doctors and hospital appointments. So that only leaves me the option of staying at home. Not being able to walk very far and not being able to be on my feet for long periods means my husband can not work either because he has to do the school runs, the food shopping and take me to all my appointments.

wp-image-1110984404Now don’t get me wrong I love being at home with my children but it’s still hard work. Living with three children, one of them being a toddler and having four dogs, one being a puppy, is like having a whirl wind whip through my house every day. Its hard just keeping up with the housework, which brings me to the subject I actually wanted to write about.

My husband is a great dad and is great at doing all the jobs and errands out of the house but when it comes to the up keep of the house he’s not great at it, he will do the bare minimum to keep the house ticking over but that’s about it.

I’ve been told by doctors, nurses and specialist that I need to be resting my leg, with my

Image source

foot above my hip level for 80% of the day and then the other 20% is when I can be up walking around doing housework and playing with my children but also quite a few people have told me staying active is good for healing a leg ulcer. Now this is what I have the problem with, This is what I don’t know what to do about.

Do I spend 80% of my day with my leg up and let the housework build up and let it become a mess or do I stay active and keep on top of the housework?

Currently, well from the start really I have always been as active as I can because I don’t want my children to suffer and I want to be the best mum I physically can, I have a problem with just sitting down and not doing anything, I hate it, I can see all these things that need to be done and won’t stay sat down very long but now I’ve seen all the doctors and specialist and had all the scans and tests and they have all come back saying they don’t know what to do next, I’m starting to re-think this whole resting thing.

I really don’t know what to do any more. Should I carry on as I am and stay active, keep on top of housework and play with the children or do I let my housework slip and try  this new process and actually keep my leg up?

It’s really hard for me to release the rains and let my husband and my family take over. It’s hard because I know as a mother and wife it’s my job to look after my family, it’s my job to keep our house running smoothly and if I give that up to rest my leg, to me, it means I’ve kinda given up everything I’m meant to be doing.

This whole leg ulcer crap is starting to get me down again, I go through stages of

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emotional ups and downs, It’s like living in a never-ending circle, at the moment, I’m not coping with pain very well as I’m on my feet quite a bit during the day, I’m up late most nights and when I finally get some sleep it’s only a couple of hou

rs as my children need to be up and ready for school, which then leads onto the whole circle starting again. Its getting to a point where I am so tired I can’t think straight and have been forgetting things.

This leg ulcer has already taken so much away from me! In the beginning I had to learn how to cope with the pain, all the testing and hospital appointments on top of having a newborn and two older children, as the baby grew I’ve had to learn new ways of coping with a toddler and all of my leg crap and now if I give up my last little bit of independence, I will have to re-learn how to do more things all over again.

Tomorrow I am taking my children to a play centre for my nephews birthday, I don’t

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tend to do a lot of running around in these types of places anyway, my older children are pretty good at going off to play and I stay with the toddler in the smaller area but tomorrow is not going to be the day I decide to rest my leg for 80% of the day.

I really don’t know what to do. If you were in my position, What would you do? 

It would be great to hear from you if you have had to make a similar decision. I like hearing other peoples stories, it helps me to stay strong and not feel so alone.


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