How I stopped procrastinating and got my jobs done.

This is the definition in the dictionary.



  • To delay or postpone action; put off doing something.


Not many people are familiar with the word procrastinating, for some people its more known as, they couldn’t be bothered or they thought something else was more important but when you take a better look at life, lots of us procrastinate for many different reasons and to different extremes.

It can simply start by not doing a certain job and checking your emails instead or quickly watching a new video on YouTube, the next thing you know you have been sat there for an hour and nothing has been done.

office-2293223_640A few years ago my house was a complete mess, I could rarely find anything, I would make piles of paperwork and piles of washing that would just get moved around the house instead of being sorted and put away. With the house being a mess it meant my head was a mess, my brain could never relax because there was just too much clutter everywhere. I would regularly make a list of every job that needed to get done and as the list got bigger and bigger the less I would want to do it also there were jobs that I would put off, waiting for the right time to do them, for example waiting until the children were in bed or when they were at school.

When we moved I had a huge clear out and threw away so much stuff we just didn’t need. I was determined that our new house was not going to be anything like the old house I was going to keep on top of my clutter and not procrastinate.

I really had no idea where to start or what I could do to help me keep on top of all the jobs that needed to be done, so I looked online, mainly on Pinterest, but there was so much to read and take in, I decided to make a list of all the advice that was right for me and I thought I would share this list and maybe it could help you.


Write an achievable list.  organizer-2630152_640

I have two list that I work from now. I have a list of all the bigger projects I want to tackle like organising the wardrobes or clearing out the garage, these are the jobs I will work on if I have any spare time. My other list is a daily to-do list with general jobs like loading the dishwasher and hoovering the bedrooms. Making the list achievable stops you from getting to overwhelmed.

Most important jobs first. 

On my daily to-do list I pick 3/5 jobs that are the most important jobs and these are the jobs that I definitely have to get done by the end of the day. Doing this means that I am getting stuff done without stressing myself out to complete my whole list.  The jobs I haven’t managed to complete will become my important jobs for the next day.

egg-919299_640 (1)Follow the 30-10 rule. 

This helps a lot to stop that ‘ I wish I never started feeling’ I set a timer 30 minutes and work on my jobs until the timer goes off then I will take a 10 Minutes break to grab a coffee after the 10 minutes are up I will set another 30 Minute timer and get back to work. Doing this just breaks up the jobs so you don’t burn out by continuously working.

Breaking down bigger jobs.

Breaking down large jobs into a few smaller jobs helps you to keep on track and less stressed. If my job was to organise and declutter the kitchen. I would break it down into smaller jobs for example: declutter the draws, organise the fridge, Declutter two cupboards. organise paperwork, organise cleaning supplies, declutter two more cupboards.

Reward yourself.

A well-known saying is ‘Rome was not built in a day’ The same can be said for the cluttermacaron-2462247_640 and mess around the house, by procrastinating the clutter has built up over a few days so giving yourself a reward after you have finished a job, it doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small job, this keeps your motivation going and encourages you to carry on.

Stop complicating things.

Waiting for the right time to tackle a job, never comes because when you think that time has arrived you will have other jobs that you need to get done. Also another reason some people procrastinate is because they are perfectionist and they don’t have the time to do the job to their high standards so they just put it off, you don’t need to finish a job all in one go, you can always come back to it and finish it off later or add your perfect touches to it when you have more time.



This is pretty straight forward. It doesn’t matter where or how but just start, start sorting, organising, throwing out rubbish…Whatever the jobs are, that you need to get done. Knowing all these tips above are not going to help you unless you get up and actually start using them and start getting your jobs done.

Once I was well on my way, I had stopped procrastinating and I was getting my jobs done, I found it so much easier to come up with a daily cleaning routine, I had already done the hard work and cleared all the clutter and mess that had built up now my daily cleaning routine just helps me to stay on top of all my jobs so my home never goes back to the way it was.

I doubt I am the only procrastinator out there so it would be great to hear from you. Is there is a certain job you hate doing. My worst job used to be loading the dishwasher after dinner, I would tell myself I’ll do it in the morning but now I actually don’t mind doing it because it’s so much nicer coming down to clean kitchen.

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Image source: Pixabay

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