How to survive the terrible twos. Part 3.

This stage in your childs development is hard. Your child is going through so many changes that they don’t understand.

This stage in the childs development is also hard for us parents. They test our patients and push us to the very limit. Its physically and mentally hard dealing with a child going through the terrible two.

This is the final part in my terrible twos series and today I want to talk about the things you can do for yourself to help you stay sane during this testing time.

If you haven’t read part 1 or part 2 in this series I will link them here and here.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been using more ways to keep myself from losing the plot, Some the things I’m going to list below are not easy but they have been a great help to me recently and I can say most of the time I feel better for doing them.

Here is my list of thing you can do, to help you survive the terrible twos.

  • SLEEP!!! ( Wait what’s that?)
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We all know how important sleep is for our children but when it come down to us, quite a lot of people have a nightly struggle, once their child(ren) are in bed….Do you stay up late to catch up on housework/have some ME time or do you go to bed and get some rest. Being on alert all day and feeling stressed is tiring and when you don’t get enough sleep it means you are setting yourself up to fail before the next day has even started.



You have probably been told this many times and it’s one of the harder things to do but I can tell you it works. The way I try to stay calm is to remember not to take the childs behaviour personally, Its not your fault they are behaving that way and they are not lashing out at you on purpose, they are lashing out because they are dealing with a lot and they are not sure how they should be acting.



Getting out into the fresh air can really help shift yours and your childs mood. Being stuck in all day can drive an adult mad and it can feel worse for a child that has mounds of energy. Even if you can’t go out to the park or for a walk, just spend 20 minutes playing in the garden. It can really boost your energy level just by getting outside.

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Children watch and copy everything their parents do. If you shout at them, they are going to shout back, if you are quick to get angry and deal with situations by using anger then your child will learn and copy that behaviour. Think about the way your child behaves shouting, getting angry, throwing, arguing. Are these the types of behaviour you show? If you are showing your child the right way to behave they are more likely to copy you.


alarm-clock-2132264_6401109540264.jpgGetting up just 30 minutes earlier than your child(ren) can really help to start your day off right. It gives you time to properly wake up and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee before you have to hit the ground running when your child(ren) wake up. I am not a morning person but I started this about a year ago and it has really helped me. I would recommend this to every parent.

These are the things that have really been helping me while my daughter is going through the terrible twos.

Below I have listed a few more ideas that are not as hard to do.

  • Make sure your discipline is consistent, no matter where the child is or who is looking after them, mum, dad, nanny, nursery.
  • Spend time doing activities you love. Nice hot bubble bath, reading, bike ride, going out with friends.
  • Mix with other parents, Talking to other parents is a great way to get tips and advice. You can get some really good support from other parents and its nice to know your not the only parent dealing with these things.
  • Ask for help when you need it. Most of the time your family and friends want to help but because you haven’t asked, they think you don’t it.
  • Talk to your GP or health visitor. If you are really struggling and feel like you need some extra help, go to your GP or health visitor, that’s what they are there for.

I really hope some of these tips can help you survive the terrible twos, Some times laptop-2605876_640I have to keep telling myself this is just a phase and it won’t last forever. If you are having a bad day, you can always contact me via here, facebook,twitter or instagram. Have a chat with me and let of some steam.

Leave me comment below if you have any other great tips for me to try and let me know if you enjoyed this three part series.


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4 thoughts on “How to survive the terrible twos. Part 3.

  1. I wanted to try the get up earlier hint but if my alarm goes off then he automatically wakes up. If I happen to wake up before him naturally I make most of it by having a wee and looking at my phone in peace 🙂 x


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