Compression therapy: Layered bandages vs Hosiery kit. (Stockings)

I have had compression therapy for over two years now and I will probably continue to wear it for many years to come. I have had two different types of compression therapy, Layered bandaging and now I have the Hosiery kit, which are basically a set of stockings.

screenshot_20171020-193223824159799.jpgLayered bandages

This is a compression system where 3/4 layers of different stretch bandages are applied from knee to toe. It gives a gradual compression. It works by squeezing the calf muscle and gets tighter when you walk.

screenshot_20171020-193535116187298.jpgHosiery Kit (Stockings)

This is a compression system that uses two types of stocking. The first is what I call a grandma sticking, A closed toe stocking that has light compression and the second an open toe stocking that adds the rest of the compression strength.

The stockings and a 4 layer bandage system have the same amount of compression strength.

I wanted to write a post to compare the two differences and how they affected me. I have put them into a table and the results are quite unanimous on which one I prefer.


I would definitely agree that using compression therapy helps with the healing of my leg ulcer. At times when I have needed a break from the compression therapy and the nurses have left the layered bandages off, there has been no progress and sometimes it has even got a little worse.  I 100% prefer wearing the stocking, I find it more comfortable and they allow me to be myself more. It gives me a little more confidence knowing other people can’t see that I’m wearing them.

I would recommend using these to someone who is physically able to lift their own legs and has strength in their arms to stretch the stockings. For an older person, it may be a bit inconvenient but having the layered bandages applied by a nurse would suit them better and it would mean they wouldn’t have to struggle doing it on their own.

It would be great to hear from anyone that has compression therapy or knows someone having compression therapy. It would be quite interesting to find out what other people think about them.


2 thoughts on “Compression therapy: Layered bandages vs Hosiery kit. (Stockings)

  1. Hi Lesley,

    You can get hosiery kits with a black top stocking, no one at all would know if was a hosiery kit and can easily get a black sock on other leg. Hard to match the sand coloured one!

    Great chart comparing kits to bandages!


    Liked by 1 person

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