Early morning 20-Minute dash

Last night I had a crap night with my leg, I went to bed at 11pm and found it hard to sleep from pain in my tendons (I was paying the price for doing too much walking that day) so at 4am I decided to get up and go downstairs.

After about an hour(ish) of trying to relax, watching TV, drinking hot chocolate, the pain still wouldn’t budge and I was wide awake. When I’m in pain if I can’t fully relax and relieve the pain then I might as-well get up and try to catch up/ get ahead of the housework before the kids get up. The pain is going to be there no matter what I do. Its better to be productive than just sitting on the sofa.

Before going to bed, I didn’t really do any tidying up and sticking to my normal evening routine just didn’t happen, I didn’t have the energy and I could feel the pain creeping in. So there was a fair amount that needed to be done.

Now I wasn’t going back to bed and needed something to do to keep my mind busy, I thought it would be a great time to do a 20-Minute dash, (not so much a dash, more of a 20-Minute steady tidy up)

Here is my list that I wanted to get done.

  • Empty dishwasher.
  • Clean microwave.
  • Tidy living room.
  • Tidy play room.
  • Fold washing.

I knew maybe I might not have got it all done in the 20-Minutes but If I managed to get half done I would be happy.

Our Playroom

I made a coffee instead of hot chocolate and started on my list. ( I completely forgot to set a timer. Come-on It was 5 ‘o’ clock in the morning!)

photocollage-2889698432.jpgI separate our washing into two baskets, adults and childrens. I do this because my childrens wardrobes and draws are all in the same room, My sons bedroom is so small that it can’t fit a wardrobe in it. I normally put the childrens washing away during the day, while they are awake and our basket gets put into our room and I’ll put it away before I go to bed.

Why is it that when you are really trying to be quiet, everything seems to be SO much louder. Trying to empty the dishwasher at 5am is not easy, the plaits bang together, the knifes and forks magically get louder as I put them away in the draw. I tried to be as quick and quiet as I could, hoping not to wake anyone up.

Our living room

I managed to get all my jobs done, however as I had forgotten to set the timer, it took me roughly 35 Minutes to complete it and I felt better for doing it. I didn’t realise how much my routines benefit me, If I hadn’t been up during the night I would have woken up to all this mess and it’s just not a great way to start the day. It was really nice doing an early morning dash, the kids were asleep, the hubby was asleep, the dogs were asleep and I could move from room-to-room and get everything done really easily.

By now it was around 6am. I only allow myself to take morphine for the pain after 6am (unless it is unbearable), so now I could take some stronger pain relief and the pain started to subside. The house was looking a bit better and organised and I felt like I could start my normal morning routine and get the rest of the cleaning done.

For some people doing a power hour is just too much and they can’t be on their feet that long. Doing a quick 20-Minute dash can really make a difference in your home and it can make you feel better as well.

It would be great to hear from you if you have tried the 20-Minute dash, I would really like to know how you got on and if it has helped you.



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