Spooktacular Halloween party!

We don’t normally do much for Halloween, My kids love dressing up and going trick-or-treating but that’s about all we do. Halloween was yesterday and both my older children were really looking forward to going out and seeing all the decorated houses.

Last weekend my middle daughter, Kira, was invited to a Halloween party. She was so excited, she choose to dress up as a little devil, she had her stripey tights, devil horns, black nail varnish and black lipstick to go with her devil dress.

We got to the venue and all the decorations were brilliant. The children were running around pressing the buttons and making the status come alive. They all squealed with excitement.


The party was organised by two mums from Kiras school. Kate Claffey and Sara Dunningham, Sara is currently building her party planning business ready to fully launch it next year.

Once all the children had arrived the games started. The first game the children played was called Zombie freeze. It is a Halloween version of musical status with spooky music.


The next game was Pass the pumpkin. The children really enjoyed the Halloween version of pass the parcel. Unwrapping the strips of orange paper kind of confused them to start with but they soon picked it up.


The next game was the best game, It is called Wrap the mummies. (Even though 3 out of 4 adults were actually daddies)  The children absolutely loved this game and getting the parents involved was a great idea.



The last game they played, I’ve never seen before and I think it was an awesome game. Instead of playing apple bobbing, the ladies got the children in groups of 5 and threaded dinky donuts onto 4 separate lines of string attached to a pole. Each child had a donut each and the first team to eat all their donuts without using their hands won. This was another big hit with the children.


All the children (and parents) made a great effort with the costumes and face paints. Kate and Sara arranged a costume competition, excluding their children as it was their party. There was a bronze, silver and gold award. First they asked everyone to cheer for the best dressed, however all the children shouted, screamed and cheered for everyone so then It was down to the parents to decide which child had won the prices. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get pictures of the winners but they all looked great.


After playing the games it was food time. All the traditional children’s party food was there sandwiches, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, strawberries, carrot and cucumber sticks with added spooky finger and bat cookies. All the plates and bowls were Halloween themed as well.


Once the children had finished eating they all had turns hitting a pinata but it took one of the dad’s to finally crack it open and scatter the sweets and treats all over the floor, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many children run and hit the floor that fast ever!

To end the party, the children were give Halloween cake pops and goody bag, it was a spooky glove filled with Halloween sweets and treats.


I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Sara and Kate for organising the party, It was a great party and Kira really enjoyed herself and hopes you throw another Halloween party next year.



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