Leg ulcer update: Nov 11 2017

I thought I would do a quick leg ulcer update as I haven’t done one in a while. If you follow my Facebook page or my Instagram account, you may have noticed a while back I thought I might have an underline infection waiting to appear, well thankfully It didn’t arrive and I think the new dressings have got rid of it.


Here is a quick recap of the social media post if you missed it. At the time I had stopped using the iodine dressing and was using an easier, less aggressive dressing called Aquacel Extra, It soaks up the fluid and the inside of the pad turns to gel which makes it last longer. I had been using these pads for around two weeks and I started to notice a lot more fluid was being produced by the ulcer, that’s not a good sign, I carried on using it for another week, nothing changed and the ulcer starting burning a bit more than normal. In my experience the excess fluid and burning leads to infection.

I decided to go back to using the iodine dressing just in case there was an underline infection, waiting to sabotage everything. The iodine dressings hurt like hell but they have an awesome anti-bacterial agent in them that really work. I will put up with the extra pain and discomfort because I know it will make my leg a lot better.

The Images below are the transformation in the past four weeks. The first image is what my ulcer looked like when I was using the Aquacel Extra and the other three are from the weeks that followed after I started using the iodine patches.


As you can see, there is quite a lot of difference, I think that the anti-bacterial agent is definitely doing its job. I think I am going to stick with using the iodine dressings, at least for a while anyway. The progress is really good and its only been three weeks, I’m looking forward to see what it looks like over the next few weeks.

( Just to let you know the dark red parts of my leg ulcer is only blood under the surface of the skin, this is a good thing as it means the blood vessels are starting to work properly again.)

I will keep everyone updated as the weeks carry on. Also if you would like to follow my more regular updates, please follow me on my Facebook page here or my Instagram account here.  

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