My Primark haul

I haven’t been out shopping on my own for a long time. Normally I have the hubby with me or I have Ella in the pram. The girls really needed some new long sleeve tops and I had seen on a YouTube Primark haul they had 6 Meters of Christmas wrapping paper for only 90p.

Friday morning me and hubby did the school drop off and then headed into town. Hubby had some other stuff to do so he left me to it.

I thought you, only need a few bit, I won’t be too long….. 2 hours later and £85 lighter, I actually get out the shop. Primark have so many lovely items at the moment. I could have easily spent double that amount.

I ended up coming away with things for all 3 children and I got myself a few bits.

For the girls, I was looking for simple long sleeve tops. Ella wears them to nursery and Kira wears them at home. There is a really good selection to choose from and the patterns and slogans are really cute. I got three for Ella in darker colours and two for Kira.  Each year Kira has a Christmas top or jumper day at school, she already has a jumper so I brought her the pug top to go with it.  They were really reasonable prices. Ellas tops cost £1.80 and Kiras tops were £2.30. These are the designs I picked.



Ella really needed some new socks and she only had three vest/bodysuits so when I saw these, I grabbed them. I think £3.30 is a really good price. The socks were only £2.50 for a pack of five.

The last two items I got for the girls were there two gorgeous jumpers. Kiras jumper is a knitted peach jumper with lace at the bottom. The picture doesn’t show it very well but the wool has glitter threaded through it. The lace gives it a lovely finishing touch. Ellas jumper has a really pretty embroidered butterfly and it also has the lace on the bottom. Both jumpers are so soft and are you going to keep the girls really warm this winter.



I don’t know if it’s just my son but when he comes home from school, if we’re staying in, he will get straight into his pyjamas. He seems to have he a growth spurt lately (or I’ve shrunk them. Haha!) as his Pyjama bottoms seem to be getting shorter. I found these two pack of pyjamas for only £8 and he loves them.  He is 11 and I think the fabric patterns and quotes and good for his age.


Moving onto the items I got myself. If you have ever shopped in Primark before you will know that they have some of their ladies underwear on stands, so you can look through them and actually feel the fabric. I found some lovely underwear that I really likes so I decided my old ‘mummy’ knickers can go in the bin and the new lace knickers can take their place and of course I had to get some new fluffy socks. Primark are great for fluffy socks. These were only £1.80 so I couldn’t resist them.


Primark are known to have an amazing selection of adult Pyjamas, not so much the men’s but the ladies section is huge. I love all their pyjamas and tend to get a new pair every time I go into Primark. I found these Pyjamas and they were only £12 They are made from ultra soft ribbed material and at first I thought the material might be a bit thick and heavy to sleep in but it’s actually quite thin material and they are SO comfortable.

This last item I brought myself is by far my favorite item. I love the colours grey and oil together and when I saw this jumper I instantly loved it.  It was £13 which I think is a great price. This jumper so warm and so comfortable to wear. In the 1st picture the jumper looks quite square but when it’s on it gives you a really nice shape. I paired it with a long top underneath and simple black leggings.

I walked past all the Christmas wrapping paper looking for the same paper I had seen on YouTube but it wasn’t with all the other wrapping paper. I finally found it on the end of an isle and grabbed two. The little tape dispensers are always handy to have.20171120_1058351046027033.jpg

This brings me to the end of my Primark haul, I will be going back in a few weeks to grab a few Christmas bits. They have some adorable Christmas outfit that I think the girls will look lovely in and my boy has picked out a few shirts he wants to try on for his Christmas day outfit.

Have you been to Primark lately? What are some of your favourite items from Primark?


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