Decluttering tips: Combat your clutter

This is the follow-up from my previous post about how clutter can effect your health. If you haven’t read that post I will link it here.

Living in an uncluttered home can make a huge difference to your life. For some people, they think living like this is impossible because their house has become so cluttered, they are overwhelmed and not sure where to start.

A Long time ago I read a quote and it really stuck with me, especially during my decluttering journey.

The mess and clutter were not created in a day, so don’t expect yourself to clean it in a day.


With this in mind I always tell people not to put too much pressure on themselves. When you make the decision to combat the clutter just take it at your own pace and don’t try to do too much.

There are so many techniques available online and this is great as everyone is different and different techniques suit different people. I have come up with some decluttering tips. Some of them are for when you first start decluttering and some I use on daily basis.

  • Tackle one room at a time. Start small and work up to the bigger tasks.

Trying to tackle more than one room will make you burn out and feel really overwhelmed, taking small steps toward your finished, clutter free room is better than trying to do too much to fast.

  • Find the technique that is right for you.

With there being so many online resources, it can become quite confusing. By finding the right way for you, it will make the whole decluttering process a lot more easier. You make have to try a few to find the one that suits you.

  • Grab a bin bag, work your way around the room starting from the doorway/entrance.

If you don’t really want to start small and you feel motivated to jump in with both feet, I find it is easier to have a start and finish point. I always start at the door, work my way around the room getting rid of the rubbish and clutter until I get back to the door.

  • Make a 6 Months box.

If you are struggling to get rid of some item. Get yourself a storage box or cardboard box, put theses item in the box and put the date 6 Months from now, Put the away in a safe place. Come back in 6 Months and if you have not needed or used any of the items in the box you know you can get rid of them.

  •  Combat the clutter a little every day.

If you have the motivation to combat a whole room in one day, great but if you don’t that’s fine as well, just do a little decluttering everyday and after a while you will see a huge difference in your home.

When you start the decluttering process it can seem quite daunting but I can promise you that your home will look so much better and you will feel better for doing it. Having lots of stuff around you all the time makes your brain go in to overdrive and this makes you brain become overstimulated, this means your brain and body don’t really get a chance to wind down properly. Having a clutter free home, gives you the space needed to come home and relax.

Emotional – strain – from – clutter

I love trying out new techniques, tips and tricks for keeping my home clutter free. If you have any Ideas, tips,tricks for me to try, leave me a comment below and I will do an Instagram story of me trying them out.

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