Top 5: How nurses have helped me.

Nurses play a big part in leg ulcer treatments. They are the people who do most of the work when caring for someone. It is the nurses job to change all the dressings and complete records about the patients.

I think sometimes the nurses can get very over looked and people talk about wound care and I think people need to be more aware of the role the nurses play.


I  have come up with my TOP 5 things that the nurses have done to help and support me through my leg ulcer journey.

  • Explaining everything.

When you have a leg ulcer the nurses, doctors and specialist use a variety of technical language and it can be quite difficult to understand it all. My nurses are really good at taking the time to actually explaining everything in a way that I can understand. They will explain what my dressings are and how they work also they will explain anything that’s been written in my notes that I don’t understand.

  • Tailoring my individual treatment.

My nurses are really good at tailoring and changing my treatments accordingly to fit with what stage my leg ulcer is at. If it is weepy, they will pick the correct dressing or if I need less compression they will make the decision to reduce it. My treatment is personal to me and no-one else. The next patient will also have a tailored treatment plan.

  • Monitoring my mental state.

I have good days and bads and that makes my moods go up and down as well, I have made quite a good bond with the nurses I see and they are very good at noticing my mental state and if I need any additional help at home.

  • Being an extra support system.

Sometime I don’t want to burden my family with all the crap that comes with my leg. Having the extra support from the nurses means I can tell them everything that I don’t like saying to my family and they will help me work through my problems.

  • Listening to what I want.

You can get some nurses that think they know what is best and will go ahead with the treatment without input from the patient. The best thing my nurses do, is listen to what I want to do with my leg, after all it’s my leg and I know what I’m feeling. If I don’t feel comfortable with using a certain dressing they are really good at listening to any ideas I have.


I would be really interested to find out if you see the nurse or doctor regularly and if there are ways that they support you and if there are any treatments that you think they are really good at.

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