Family Tradition – Wednesday movie night.

For me Wednesday is the best day of the week, this is because it’s our family movie night.

7-days-week-2758827_640 We have made this into a tradition in our house and it’s something for all of us to look forward to in the middle of the week.

It all started when My dad had his garage, this is where he would fix up his project motor bikes and it’s no big surprise that hubby likes to do the same things. Every Wednesday they made it their night to go down the garage and play around with their projects. ( Male bonding and all that) which meant I had all three children by myself for the night, now this is a challenge and I needed to plan something that would suit all of them and make my evening run a bit smoother…… ENTER THE MOVIE NIGHT

We decided a movie night in the middle of the week would be great for all of us, it meant we could chill out for the night and recharge our batteries ready for the rest of the week. We have a system where we all take turns to pick the movie for the night and when we go food shopping that person can pick two snacks for us to have while we are watching the movie.


We have been doing this every week for about three years now and I never thought it would actually turn into a regular thing. I thought after a few week the kids would get bored with it and would stop wanting to do it, but every week they ask who’s turn it is and talk about what type of movies they want to watch.

Having this Movie night every week has done more for us as a family than just help me look after all three children on my own. It has brought me so much closer to my children because I down tools, turn the laptop off, stop the housework, sit with them and enjoy just being together. The blankets come out and we all sit, snuggled up on the sofa, well me and the girls do, Callum is getting to that age where the cuddles are few and far between so he tend to stretch out on the other sofa. Ellas concentration isn’t good enough yet to sit through a whole film but she is really good if I get a box of toys out for her, mostly cars or horses, she will sit there really nicely just playing. I can almost guaranty Callum and Kira pick the same snack every time it’s their turn. They both like the sweet and salted mixed popcorn so that is a must every week, Callum will pick a bag of the ‘Squishies’ and Kira will pick a bag of the assorted ‘ Maoams’ and I will pick up Ella a bag of chocolate buttons or something similar.

8944346497054.jpg (960×960)73759011_0_640x640.jpg (640×640)

Just being together without all the rushing around trying to do homework, spellings and housework seems to really benefit the kids, the house is nice and calm, when normally it’s a mad house. We have had so many great conversations while we are watching the movies, I have found things out from the kids that maybe they wouldn’t have told me if I were busy doing other things. This week Callum told me all about his new girlfriend and Kira told me about her trip to the nursing home to singing carols. Normally if I am busy, trying to finish the washing or cleaning up after dinner, Callum wouldn’t have told me about his girlfriend and all I would get from Kira would be ‘Yea it was fun’


It also give hubby time away from me and the kids, he gets to be him again and not think about all things he has to do at home.

Just for that one night both me and hubby can forget about everything going on with my leg and just enjoy being ourselves again. It’s funny how one night can change how everyone feels and behaves for the rest of the week. If for some reason we can’t do movie night, the childrens behaviour is so different, they start to get really ratty with each other, they bicker and fight a lot more and I end up being frazzled by the time Friday gets here.

Do you have any family traditions? Do you have a weekly movie night?

I would really like to hear if you do anything like we do or if there is certain things/activities you do to bring your family closer together.

You can leave me a comment below or you can contact me via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


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