National Christmas jumper day.

Today is National Christmas jumper day. Thousands of people all over Britain are showing off their best Christmas jumpers and it’s all for a good cause.

Do you know what National Christmas jumper day is and how it raises money for a great charity?


Charity organisation Save the children first introduced Christmas jumper day back in 2012 to encourage everyone to pull on their Christmas jumpers and raise money for charity, it doesn’t matter it is, it can be the cutest or tackiest jumper you can find.

The money raised will be helping children all over the world. By making a donation of just £2 can mean the difference in a child having a meal or going hungry. The charity aim to help where ever there is a disaster such as Earthquakes, Floods and Hurricanes. Their moto is Make the world better with a sweater.

Many schools are also participation and many work places are joining in as well. You can join in by putting on that Christmas jumper and taking your donation to you local collection point. You can find out your nearest donation point online at the Save the children website here. You can also make online donations.

Below I have added some Christmas jumper to give you a bit of inspiration.



Mens reindeer jumper:,com

Ladies kiss me quick jumper:

Ladies Penguin jumper:


Boys dinosaur jumper:

Girls red reindeer jumper:

Boys elf hoodie:

Girls white jumper:

I really hope you can join in and help raise money for a great charity. I have added the link again below. Please donate either at you local participating store or online.


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