10 Quick & easy elf on the shelf ideas.

Is it one of them days where you are getting ready to go to bed and you sudden remember, you haven’t moved the elf. Yup I’ve had them too!

Don’t panic, I have put together 10 Quick and easy Elf on the shelf ideas. Most of the supplies I have used you will probably already have around your house.


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1. The naughty Elf has drawn faces on our oranges.

2. Elf has made a snow angel. This is done using flour on the kitchen worktop.

3. Elf has made snowflakes for the children to colour and decorate.


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4. Getting caught with his hand in the sweetie jar. This also work with a biscuit tin.

5. Mummy caught the elf coming back from the north pole or you could say he came back and crashed into the tree.

6. Elfie gets hungry during the night.


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7. The Elf is reading a book to the teddies.

8. The Elf get bored during the night and decides to make some cakes.

9. Elf is having a horsey meeting.

10. The Elf has kindly brought the children some goodies to enjoy. He is holding a note to explain the treats are for a Christmas movie night.

I hope these quick and easy ideas have helped you.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you have used any of these ideas and how your children have reacted to them.


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