Leg ulcer update – Pictures included

Friday 22nd December.

I haven’t done a Leg ulcer update in a while because to be honest, up until now, there wasn’t really much to update on, it pretty much stayed the same.

Yesterday I woke up and the pain wasn’t to bad, it was bearable so me and hubby decided we would go into town and pick up the last few little Christmas things. I made it into Primark to get the kids PJs for their Christmas eve boxes and that was it. After that I had to go back to the car. It was so disappointing.

The pain suddenly started to get really bad, it was like someone had flicked a switch. It was dressing change day and I just put it down to the dressing pulling at the wound bed because it needed to be changed. I stayed in the car and did some editing and hubby went to grab the last bits.

As the day went on the pain got worse and worse and as soon as the children had gone to bed, I got everything ready to take the dressings off.

I am a night owl so I always change my dressings in the evening because it doesn’t bother me too much if the pain keeps me awake once in a while.

When I took my dressings off, I was expecting my leg to be like this. This is how it’s been looking for the past few weeks. I know this doesn’t look that great but it is pretty clean and the skin around the edges were showing some improvement.


However tonight when I took the dressings off I was faced with this.

The wound edges are really red and inflamed and there is quite a lot of build-up of the yellow slough. (This is skin cells that are unhealthy and are dying)

I’m not 100% sure why its gone bad again but this is what tends to happen, I get a little progress or it stays the same for a while then for some reason it goes backwards.

This was not the only thing concerning me though. On the other side of my foot, it wasn’t looking great either.20171222_23235033851700.png

My superficial veins have become distressed, My skin has become red and inflamed and in the two areas that have been circled, there are small grazes to the skin. The image doesn’t really show it well but these are on the back of my foot/leg where the Achilles tendon runs up the leg.

Now I can actually see the wound and see what condition my skin is in, I now know this is why I have had a really crappy day with pain. I’m not sure if the compression stockings are too tight and they have been rubbing my skin or if it’s something else.

I have decided to change my dressings to the Iodoflex, which is an iodine paste. I’m hoping this will do a better job at removing the sloughy yellow skin. To give the other side of foot/leg a break and a chance to heal the grazed areas, I have decided to remove the under layer of the compression stocking and use a simple tubifast to keep the dressings in place. I will still be wearing the outer black compression stocking so I will still have some compression, it will just be at a lower level than normal.

During the summer, I removed the under layer of the compression stocking because it was too hot and my foot kept swelling up. When I spoke to hubby and told him what I wanted to do, he mentioned that my leg ulcer was looking better and was easier to manage in the summer when I done this. Maybe it might turn out that wearing both layers all the time is not the way forward for my leg. I will keep you updated as the next couple of weeks go on.

If there is anything you want to know about my leg or if you suffer from leg ulcers and there is anything you think I may be able to help you with. Please feel free to ask me. I have tried so many dressings and had so many test and scans done, I would really like it if I could help someone when they needed it.


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