Goal guide for the new year.

Some people see the new year as a chance for a fresh start, a chance to make changes in their lives, relationships and at work.

Making new years goals or resolutions has become some what of a tradition and they are easy to make but can you see them through or do you end up back in your own routines? I have a 5 step goal guide to help you get ready for the new year.


accomplish-1136863_640-1725703269.jpgStep 1: Set Goals.

 The week before new year, I like to sit down and think about some goals for the next year. I think of two goals I want to accomplish for the whole year. These are normally bigger projects, like buying a new car or going on holiday. After I have chosen these I break the year into four and set goals three months at a time. Setting goals for shorter time periods makes it easier to achieve the goals and it gives me the motivation to carry on.

Step 2: Write it down.

 Writing your goals down can really help you stay on track and stay motivated. Some people like to write them down and put them on display as a reminder. Some people prefer to write it in a journal. However you feel comfortable write your goals down.

Step 3: How will you achieve these goals?

 So  now you have your goals, do you know where to start with them? Do you know what you need to do to start achieving these goals? If you’re not sure what the first steps are to get you on your way, now is the time to look in to this and figure out the direction you want to go.

people-2557396_640Step 4: Tell people.

Telling people your goals and what you want to achieve will give you that extra motivation to actually push forward. Sharing you goals with other people can be really helpful if you are stuck and need some motivation or you need some help to reach the next step forward.

fizz-3035224_640368747835.jpgStep 5: Focus on the positive.

It’s easy for people to fall back in to their old routines, it’s comfortable and it’s easy but don’t give yourself a hard time if you do fall back in to you old routines or if you lose your motivation. It takes a person twelve times to a certain activity before it becomes a habit. Look for the positives and start again. Think about where you went wrong and then you will know what you need to change the next time.

It’s easy to set goals but unless you really have a go and change the way you behave or what you are doing, nothing will ever change and you will never achieve your goals.

After the new year I will be publishing a post about my goals for the new year. How do you decide on your goals? Do you have any tips you could add to this guide?

I wish you all a Happy new year and sending you good luck with you goal setting.





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