The ULTIMATE New years resolution list

New years resolutions have been around for thousands of years, back in 1894 BC the ancient Babylonians first started making ‘Start of the year promises’ and this has now become our New years resolutions.

People all over the world have been making their New years resolutions, have you made yours yet? If not I have the ULTIMATE New years resolution list to help you.

  1. Drink more water and keep track of your progress
  2. Reconnect with old friends
  3. Start exercising daily
  4. Open a savings account
  5. Travel and explore more
  6. Get a new job
  7. Spend time volunteering
  8. Get out of debt
  9. Call family and friends more
  10. Get more organised
  11. Start getting up earlier
  12. Give up smoking
  13. Take up a new hobby
  14. Declutter your home
  15. Only buy what you really need
  16. Improve your diet
  17. Start eating breakfast everyday
  18. Learn meditation
  19. Listen to more music
  20. Read more books
  21. Try something new
  22. Start a skin care routine
  23. Quite a bad habit
  24. Organise your photos
  25. Get enough sleep / Go to bed earlier
  26. Start a photo scrapbook
  27. Make time for yourself
  28. Minimise your home
  29. Do something that scares you
  30. Improve your self-care
  31. Start a photo album for your children
  32. Spend more time off your phone/computer
  33. Organise your paperwork
  34. Learn to cook from scratch
  35. Create a family cook book
  36. Disconnect from social media for 1 day a month
  37. Clean out you closet and donate what you don’t want
  38. Make coffee / breakfast at home to save money
  39. Go to more live concerts
  40. Cut out sugary food and drinks
  41. Cut out tea or coffee
  42. Join a new fitness club
  43. Cut out alcohol 
  44. Learn a new language
  45. Do an act of kindness everyday
  46. Start a journal
  47. Create a morning routine
  48. Create an evening routine
  49. Start a gratitude diary
  50. Spend more time outside 

I hope this ULTIMATE New years resolution list can help you make your own goals, with a little bit of will power and motivation anything is possible.

I wish you all the best of luck for the new year and I hope it brings you everything you wish for.

Leave me a comment below or on my social media accounts and let me know what your New years resolution are.






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