My mummy morning routine

This is the first post in my routine series. I will also be writing post about my morning cleaning routine, our family evening routine and my evening cleaning routine.

When I wrote my last morning routine, it was not long after I started this blog and quite a lot has changed now. Back then I had really bad tendinitis and it took it’s tole on my mornings. Now my tendons are well on their way to healing and my mornings are quite a lot easier, so I thought I would write another updated post.

My mornings still start before everyone else in the house because I still take painkillers for my leg ulcer and I prefer to take them before my children wake up.

So this is how my mummy morning routine goes.

* I get up around 5.30am feet-2308646_640

My ankle is still a bit stiff in the mornings but I can work out the kinks with a few ankle twist and stretches.

* I take my morphine before I get out of bed.

This has been helping with the pain from my leg ulcer because by the time I get down stairs it is starting to kick-in. toothpaste-1446156_640

* Next I head in to the bathroom for a pee, wash my face and brush my teeth.

I couldn’t do this last time because It would take me quite a while to get down the stairs to take my first lot of tablets.

* After I head down stairs to make a coffee. (Got to have a coffee first thing in the morning)

* While the machine is making the coffee, I go and let the dogs out in to the garden.

* Finish making my coffee and write my to-do list. coffee-2608864_640

* Now I empty the dishwasher. 

This is another thing I couldn’t do last time, I would have to wait for my tablets to kick-in properly and by that time the children would be waking up.

* I now go and let the dogs back in and give them fresh water.

* Now I take my tablets ready for when the children wake up.

* Put a load of washing on. washing-machine-902359_640

* Its now around 6.30 and time for my skin care routine and to get dressed.

I pick out my clothes the night before and take them down stairs, I also keep all of my skin care items down stairs along with my make-up because my children are light sleepers and making too much noise upstairs wakes them up.

* My children are up at 7am.  feet-684683_640

The older children have their own alarms. They get up and come down on their own. On days when Ella is not at nursery I will leave her in bed until 7.30am but on days she has nursery, She gets woken up at 7am as well.

* Time for breakfast. fried-eggs-456351_640

* Next we go upstairs to have a wash and brush their teeth.

* Getting dressed into their uniforms comes after this.

My children get dressed after breakfast and brushing their teeth because I can guaranty one of them will spill something down their clothes.

* After a quick tidy up of the bedrooms, We head back downstairs to do everyones hair. hair-accessories-2455237_640

My son has recently started to get into this whole hair stage where he can’t go out any where without putting gel in his hair and Kira is loving her hair being in a french braid.

* Last on the childrens list is double checking their bags to make sure they have every thing they need.

90% of the time school bags are packed the night before but I always get the older children to check their bags in the mornings. kids-playing-1253096_640

* If the children are done in time they normally get some free time to do what they want before it’s time to go.

* My eldest rides his bike to school and he leaves at 8.10am.

* Next is my middle daughter and she has to leave for 8.30am

I am lucky enough that hubby takes my middle daughter to school but if it’s a day where Ella goes to nursery we all go together so one of us can stay with her in the car while the other takes Kira in to school.

* Once the older children are off to school, this is when I will go upstairs and get fashion-2939989_640Ella ready for the day.

* The rest of my morning is taken up by my morning cleaning routine.

A morning cleaning post will be coming soon.

So this is where I am going to finish this post, I hope you enjoyed finding out about my mummy morning routine.

I would be quite interested in finding out about your morning routines. Do you do anything the same as me? or do you do things differently?

You can find me on my social media accounts.





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