First week back in the school routine.

Over the holidays our routines have been slacking a lot, we have been going to bed later and getting up later. Our days were a bit more relaxed and slow-paced. I did all the prep work I normally would for getting ready to go back to school but that hasn’t seemed to help at all this week.


As normal the first week back at school is always harder on my children, they come home more tired than normal because their bodies are still readjusting to the earlier start, which in turn makes them more stroppy and their concentration is next to none at the moment. I have had a strop from Kira and tantrums from Ella and Callum has retreated back into his little shell again. ( This is what he does when he is over tired. He likes having a routine and can get very quiet when the routines are a bit up in the air)

As for my house, it looks like a bomb has exploded and sent everything flying. I did a big clean up after Christmas but it seems to have just gone straight back to stage 1 again. This week everyone has been more lazy and they have just left all their belonging lying around. Trying to keep up with the house work and trying to put out fires with children, it has all been very hectic and its has not run to plan at all.

So this is how my week has gone.


I struggled to get up on this morning, which made me run late and get stressed out, which in turn made the kids grumpy and they couldn’t get their bums into gear either.


Kira had a major strop on this morning and refused to get out of bed. In the end I had to pull all her covers off, open the binds and turn all the lights on and she finally got out of bed half an hour later than normal. Also we were meant to be going food shopping on this day but that didn’t happen because the hubby had to get an emergency dentist appointment and returned in more pain than when he left.


20180110_191436978707772.jpgThis was Kiras birthday, With all the birthday excitement and opening presents, we ended up running late again. With me and hubby running around helping the children we managed to catch up and get everyone out the door on time. On this day I had to do the afternoon school run, I hadn’t done the school run since November, It took me half an hour longer than normal and I had to take more morphine when I got back. All the walking has caused my foot to swell up like a balloon.


I really struggled with the pain on this day because I had done the school run, so all plans and housework had to be put on hold as I needed to rest my leg. Kira also had swimming lessons straight after school. It’s a mad rush to get everything ready before hubby picks her up as she has to go straight from school.


This morning was the only day that our morning routine actually ran smoothly, with everyone getting up on time and out the door on time.

hurry-2119711_640I think I am just going to call this week a trial run with the school routines, with all the rushing around mixed with hissy fits and tantrums, this first week has not gone to plan. I definitely need to be more organised and work on my time management skills. I’m hoping next week will go more to plan and hopefully our routines will start to run a bit smoother.

How has your week been? hopefully it has been better than mine.


















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