My morning cleaning routine

Last week I wrote about my updated morning routine, so this week I thought I would write my second post in my routine series, my morning cleaning routine. If you haven’t read the previous post I have linked it here

There are jobs that I do daily to keep the house ticking over, these jobs are my main priority jobs, they are done everyday. With 3 children and 4 dogs our house can become a disaster zone if I don’t tackle them everyday. These are things like rebooting the washing machine, putting the washing away, hoovering and reloading the dishwasher.

I also do a deeper clean in a different room for each day of the week. I have tried so many different cleaning routines and most of the time I either make them too complicated and can’t keep it up or I end up getting distracted, move onto different things and forget what my main jobs was at the start.

I have made a print out that I use, I keep this inside a plastic wallet and use a dry-eraser pen to mark off the jobs when I have completed it, this keeps me on track and reminds me what I have to do and not to take on too much.

This is my printout. This was quite easy to put together and can be easily personalised to your situation. I like to start downstairs with the separate room cleans and work my way upstairs.



Monday – Kitchen

Tuesday – Playroom

Wednesday – Living room

Thursday – Bathroom

Friday – Kids bedroom

Saturday – My bedroom

I don’t tend to do a lot of housework on a Sunday. I usually just complete my morning and evening daily jobs. Sundays are our family day and we like to reconnect and spend quality time together. Of course in evening after dinner, we get everything ready for school the next day but that is about it.

Breaking down all our rooms into certain days really helps me to stay on top of all the house work because I struggle to do a complete house clean as I have to stop every 20/30 minutes. I have found this morning cleaning routine is really working for me and the rest of my family.

I have noticed that now I am getting things more organised and cleared around the house, my children have started being tidier and cleaning up after themselves more as well.

Do you have any cleaning tricks or advice that can help me get my jobs done quicker?

Do you have a favourite cleaning product that you like to use?

If you haven’t read mt previous mummy morning routine post I have linked it here.

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