Our family evening routine

This is the third part in my Routine series, If you haven’t read the previous two post I will link them below. 

My mummy morning routine

My morning cleaning routine

Home from school

student-2792646_640My children normally get home around 3.30pm unless they have a club and they have a routine for when they come in.

  • Unpack bags, letters and water bottles
  • Get changed out of their uniform
  • Get a snack.
  • 20/30 minutes free time

Around 4.15pm it’s time to start homework and reading.

Dinner time

wp-image-791541878I will start dinner after I have settled the older children down with their homework. I will set Ella up with an activity I know she enjoys and will keep her busy for a while. The children eat earlier than me and hubby.  Their dinner is normally ready by 5pm. We no longer have a dinning table because Ella has an obsession with climbing on the top of it so unfortunately for now the children eat dinner in the living room. I like to sit with them and I will encourage Ella to eat while I fold the washing that I’ve done that afternoon.

Bath time


All three of my children love the water so bath time is always a great time of day. I only bath the children every other day. The girls will share the first bath, I will wash them down and wash their hair then they are free to play for a little while. Once the girls are out the bath, Callum will refresh the water and he is old enough now to get washed and sorted by himself. Ella has quite dry skin so I only use the Johnsons baby range on her skin. I always use the Johnsons bedtime baby lotion on her after every bath and because Ella has cream on, Kira likes to have cream on as well. All three children are bathed and in their pyjamas by 6.30pm.

While I have been upstairs bathing the children, hubby is downstairs starting our dinner.

Bed time routine

baby-1151351_640After the bath I will give Ella a beaker of warm milk and she will have a cuddle with daddy. Around 6.45pm I will take Ella upstairs to bed, brush her teeth and wash her face. we read 1-2 stories depending on how tired she is. I love this time day when she is starting to get sleepy because she wants lots of cuddles. The older children have free time until it’s time for them to go to bed. Kiras bed time is 7.45pm and she will do the same, brush her teeth and wash her face. Sometimes she will read to me or I will read to her. Callum will go up to bed at 8pm, brush his teeth and wash his face and he will read a book for 30 minutes, light out at 8.30pm.

Mums evening

frogs-1517914_640Our dinner is normally ready after I have taken Kira to bed so me and the hubby will sit and eat together, after dinner I will start my evening cleaning routine and get everything we need ready for the next day. I like to have the house back in order and everything ready before I go up to have a bath/shower so I know I can come down and relax for the evening. I have quite a simple evening skin care routine. I use a cleansing face wash with micro-beads after that I use a rose-water toner and a radiance repair night cream. I have quite bad skin with a lot of acne scarring and I find by having a morning and evening skin care routine, it helps with the condition of my skin.

Depending on how I’m feeling and the amount of pain I’m in, I will work on a blog post for an hour or so. We feed our dogs late in the evening to help train the pup not to have any accidents through the night. After everything has been done, I try to get up to bed by about 10.30 and read for a while to relax. Then I will settle down to sleep around 11.30.

I hope you enjoyed finding out about our family evening routine. Do you have an evening routine you follow or do you just wing-it? Leave me a message and let me know about your routines.

I will be writing a more detailed post about my evening cleaning routine. If this is something you would like to read, please let me know.


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