20-Minute Dash with my kids.

Yesterday was Sunday and hubby was up and out early which meant I was parenting solo all day. Ella had a nappy explosion first thing in the morning which had covered her pj’s and most of her bedding. I was up a few times during the night with my leg as well and the pain continued into the morning. So really not a great start to the day.

The rest of the morning continued pretty much how it started, Ella was in a foul mood and nothing I tried was changing her mood, the older two kept annoying each other and arguing so in the end I had to separate them in to different rooms.

With the children being a nightmare most of the day, the house took quite a battering, mostly toys, books and where Ella was having a picky day and was being really clingy,  I didn’t have time to put away things I had been using in the kitchen.

I had reached my limit by 2pm and I really needed to get things sorted and needed to get the kids involved to get them out of their current moods. So I decided to do a 20-Minute Dash with the kids. I gave the older two specific jobs that need to be done and I tackled the kitchen.

20-Minute Dash job list


  • Fold the blankets
  • Clear all the sides.
  • Hoover living room and playroom


  • Take plates and cups back to the kitchen
  • Put the toys back where they belong
  • Wipe down the sides


  • Unload the dishwasher
  • Reload the dishwasher
  • Clear kitchen sides
  • Sweep kitchen floor


Run around like crazy, not really understanding what is going on but having fun anyway.


Below are the before pictures. We set the alarm and off we went… I have never seen my children run around tidying up that quick ever before.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Even though the children were doing chores they were still laughing and having fun, they were shouting ‘Quick,quick before the timer runs out’


They did an awesome job and we managed to get everything done with 6 Minutes left on the timer. Below are the picture of what the rooms looked like after the 20-Minute dash with the kids.




I would really like if you could have a go at the 20-Minute dash and let me know how you get on. It’s a really great way to do a quick speed clean to get your house back in some order.

You can leave me a message below or contact me via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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