I’m back! Why I stopped blogging.

Hi everyone, It’s nice to be back blogging again, to be honest I’ve really missed it and I would like to thank the people who follow my blog for hanging around and sticking with me.


Writing this blog is a big part of my life and it’s a place I can get everything off my chest and help others, however I came to a place where I really wasn’t happy and I was starting to struggle with a thing in my life. over the course of a few months I started to struggle more and more and I eventually ended up having a mini breakdown. Now looking back on all it, I can say it all steamed from my leg ulcer going bad and causing more pain.

I started to get more pain in my ulcer, which also made my tendonitis flare up which made it difficult to walk for any amount of time. I eventually got my appointment to see the plastic surgeon and they tried a new dressing on my leg ( I will be writing up another post to explain more about this dressing) Long-story-cut-short I had a bad reaction to this dressing and it really affected my leg badly.


The first signs that I was starting to struggle were not being able to keep on top the housework like I had before. With this leg ulcer, three children and four dogs, I can’t keep my house as tidy as I would like but I don’t do a bad job however I couldn’t keep up with the mess and my normal routines just were not happening. It seemed no matter how much I tidied up every room would still look a mess. I can get quite stressed out when my house is a mess.

Another sign was my lack of patience I had with my family, I found myself getting irritated easily at silly things and I was arguing with the hubby more and more. It wasn’t their fault I was feeling so crap yet I kept taking it out on them.

Also I wasn’t sleeping very well, I would go to bed and then end up getting up again, either because my leg hurt or I just couldn’t get settled. This was happening around four nights a week and the lack of sleep was affecting everything I was doing.

I was really struggling but I just kept telling myself , it will get better, I can push through this and get back on track … Until one day, two of our dogs were playing together and running around, then one of them ran into my bad leg at the same time I was carrying a cup of coffee and it went flying. I ended up just sitting on the floor and busting into tears from the pain and the fact that the coffee had gone all over me and the floor.


Thankfully at the time my children were in bed and my hubby was out. It was then that I knew I needed to get some help and tell someone how I was feeling also I needed to get an appointment to see my doctor.

I spoke to my mum and my hubby and told them how I had been feeling and that I was struggling, together we came up with a few changes I needed make and they would help me get back to normal.

These were some of the things I needed to change/ get sorted.

  • Go to see and doctor and tell them how I’m feeling.
  • Get my pain medication back onto a regular schedule.
  • Stop trying to do everything on my own.
  • Change or get back to my normal routines.
  • Stop blogging for a while and concentrate on me.

smiley-2989144_640With these few changes and the help from doctors, my hubby and my mum I am now feeling pretty much back to normal. The doctors gave me some antidepressants and referred me to a councillor also by getting my pain medication onto a better schedule meant I could start getting more sleep which also resulted in more things falling back into place. As the days go on I’m feeling better and better and I’m smiling again.

I missed writing my blog but I’m glad I took a step back to get myself sorted and get my life back on track. Now I feel ready to start writing again but I’m not going to be posting three times a week like I did before, it was stressing me out trying to get everything done in time so now I am going to be posting once a week and if I’m having a good week maybe I will try to fit another one in. I am determined not to go back to the way I was, I am determined not to let myself slip back into depression.

Thank you again for all the readers that have stuck by me and carried on following my blog.




2 thoughts on “I’m back! Why I stopped blogging.

  1. I wondered where you had gone. I’m glad you’re back. I’m sorry for what you’re going through and I wish there was a magic wand to make it disappear for good. Hope the new dressing is doing some good. xx


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