Getting back on track!

My last post was the first post I’ve written since I took a break from blogging, If you haven’t read that post I will link it here. It explains whats been happening and why I’ve been taking a break.

I am now feeling ready to start blogging again and getting my life back on track. Over the next few post I want to share with you how I’m getting my life back to normal and how I’m battling against my depression, with a few leg ulcer updates added along the way.

At first I brushed everything under the carpet and put any thought of depression out of my mind. I just kept thinking ‘ I couldn’t have depression, I have to carry on, I have to be the best mum I can be.’ However a few months of doing this, I wasn’t feeling any better, I was feeling worse. I was beginning to be an emotional wreck and my whole family were starting to suffer.

I ended up having a very emotional mini breakdown over something really stupid, that’s when I knew I needed some help and finally admitted I may have a level of depression.


I want to form a mini series about my depression and what steps I’m taking to try and pull myself out of it, with the help from my Doctors, my family and my own strength.

I have come up with a plan of ideas for my next few post.

  • Restarting my routines.
  • Trusting my doctor.
  • Morning pages – How they are helping me.
  • Opening up to my family.
  • Getting my leg ulcer under control.
  • Everyone has bad days.

I didn’t realise how much a mental illness can effect someones whole life, now I’m feeling strong enough to work through this, I really hope some of these post will help others with their depression.

If there is anything you would like to know about my depression or how I’m slowly recovering, I would love to hear from you.

It would be lovely to hear from anyone else that is suffering with depression and find out how you are coping with it.

please leave me a comment below or connect with me on my other social media accounts.

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