Leg ulcer update – Pictures included

Friday 22nd December. I haven't done a Leg ulcer update in a while because to be honest, up until now, there wasn't really much to update on, it pretty much stayed the same. Yesterday I woke up and the pain wasn't to bad, it was bearable so me and hubby decided we would go into … Continue reading Leg ulcer update – Pictures included

National Christmas jumper day.

Today is National Christmas jumper day. Thousands of people all over Britain are showing off their best Christmas jumpers and it's all for a good cause. Do you know what National Christmas jumper day is and how it raises money for a great charity? Charity organisation Save the children first introduced Christmas jumper day back in 2012 … Continue reading National Christmas jumper day.

Begginer to blogging

I'm a newbie with blogging and as much as I've read and researched about blogging... IT STILL CONFUSES ME!!  However I'm just going to jump in with both feet and give it a go. I'm hoping the further along I go the more I will learn. A few things I've read and learnt before starting … Continue reading Begginer to blogging