Chicken pox: Info for parents.

My youngest officially has chicken pox. Thankfully my older two children have had them before so they are at a lower risk of getting them again. I thought I would write an info post to help parents that have children with chicken pox. Firstly I want to say that chicken pox is a contagious illness, … Continue reading Chicken pox: Info for parents.

My Primark haul

I haven't been out shopping on my own for a long time. Normally I have the hubby with me or I have Ella in the pram. The girls really needed some new long sleeve tops and I had seen on a YouTube Primark haul they had 6 Meters of Christmas wrapping paper for only 90p. … Continue reading My Primark haul

What direction do I want my blog to go in?

This is question i've seen on the the many websites and blogs i've looked at. They ask what is my passion? what do I enjoy most?  what can I see myself writting about? When I first decidied I wanted to start a blog I thought I could just write my daily life as a mum … Continue reading What direction do I want my blog to go in?