20-Minute Dash with my kids.

Yesterday was Sunday and hubby was up and out early which meant I was parenting solo all day. Ella had a nappy explosion first thing in the morning which had covered her pj's and most of her bedding. I was up a few times during the night with my leg as well and the pain continued … Continue reading 20-Minute Dash with my kids.

First 20-Minute Dash of the new year.

Happy new year everyone and thanks for stopping by to read my first 20-Minute dash of the new year. To start with I want to quickly go over what the 20-Minute dash is all about for any new readers. The 20-Minute  dash is kind of like a speed clean but a bit different because it's … Continue reading First 20-Minute Dash of the new year.

Early morning 20-Minute dash

Last night I had a crap night with my leg, I went to bed at 11pm and found it hard to sleep from pain in my tendons (I was paying the price for doing too much walking that day) so at 4am I decided to get up and go downstairs. After about an hour(ish) of … Continue reading Early morning 20-Minute dash

20 Minute Dash : Speed cleaning.

Regular feature #2 Hey I'm back with another 20 Minute Dash. So for the last few days I've been solo parenting and at the same time I've had a cold sitting in the background making me feel crap but not quite ready to show its ugly head. My kids were starting to get cabin fever … Continue reading 20 Minute Dash : Speed cleaning.

20 Minute Dash – My own version of the famous ‘Power hour’ 

Regular feature #2 Before I get into my 20 Minute dash, I want to explain a bit about the Power hour. A very lovely lady on Youtube called Kimberley has a channel called 'Style mom XO' ( I will link one of her power hour video here she came up with an idea where you … Continue reading 20 Minute Dash – My own version of the famous ‘Power hour’ 

20 Minute dash – Readers challenge

Regular feature #2 It's dash time again. I only realised yesterday that I've not uploaded a dash post for a while. However I want this 20 Minute dash to be a bit different. I will do a quick run through of what a 20 Minute dash is. Firstly pick 2/3 rooms that need a good … Continue reading 20 Minute dash – Readers challenge

Speed cleaning – 20 minute dash.

Regular feature #2 Hey. Its 20 Minute dash time again. Last time I tackled the downstairs rooms, so this time I thought I would do our bedrooms. Thankfully the rooms were not too bad. Our house has three bedrooms, as much as I would love to give my girls their own bedrooms we just can not afford … Continue reading Speed cleaning – 20 minute dash.

Friday 20 Minute dash – speed cleaning

A little while ago I was introduced into the world of youtube  by my daughter, she showed me all these great videos of people recording their daily life and I was hooked.  I like to watch mummy vlogs, I watched so many 'Daily routines', 'Cleaning routines', 'Speed cleaning' and 'Power hour' videos. I loved them and … Continue reading Friday 20 Minute dash – speed cleaning