Leg ulcer update – Pictures included

Friday 22nd December. I haven't done a Leg ulcer update in a while because to be honest, up until now, there wasn't really much to update on, it pretty much stayed the same. Yesterday I woke up and the pain wasn't to bad, it was bearable so me and hubby decided we would go into … Continue reading Leg ulcer update – Pictures included

Weekly leg ulcer update – Images of leg ulcer included.

Regular feature #3 This week I've had some ups and downs. Its been quite a rough week as the weather has been so hot in the UK. Its been really nice having the warmer weather but we are just not used to it. Throughout all this heat I've still had to wear both layers of … Continue reading Weekly leg ulcer update – Images of leg ulcer included.

Leg ulcer explained 

Regular feature #3 Good morning everyone, today is a beautiful day. Below is a brief explanation of what I've got on my leg however all the treatment don't seem to be working. A leg ulcer is a long-lasting (chronic) sore that takes more than four to six weeks to heal. They usually develop on the inside … Continue reading Leg ulcer explained