Leg ulcer update – Pictures included

Friday 22nd December. I haven't done a Leg ulcer update in a while because to be honest, up until now, there wasn't really much to update on, it pretty much stayed the same. Yesterday I woke up and the pain wasn't to bad, it was bearable so me and hubby decided we would go into … Continue reading Leg ulcer update – Pictures included

Parenting with chronic pain. 

6am. I know she will be waking up soon, I know I will have to be in mum mode, I will have to try to push the pain to the back of my brain and hide how I'm feeling. What types of mother wakes up on a daily basis, wishing she didn't have to deal … Continue reading Parenting with chronic pain. 

Leg ulcer progress! (Images included)

Regular feature #3 Around two weeks ago my husband saw a video about an amazing product. It's was an Aloe Vera emergency spray. The man in the video had a wound on his foot, he sprayed the Aloe Vera on it every day, let it dry and then redressed the wound. The progress was amazing. … Continue reading Leg ulcer progress! (Images included)

Weekly leg ulcer update – Images of leg ulcer included.

Regular feature #3 This week I've had some ups and downs. Its been quite a rough week as the weather has been so hot in the UK. Its been really nice having the warmer weather but we are just not used to it. Throughout all this heat I've still had to wear both layers of … Continue reading Weekly leg ulcer update – Images of leg ulcer included.

Update on my leg ulcer.

This week has been half-term for my children and we have been quite active for change. Normally with my leg being bad and having the three layer bandage system on we would usually have 1 day out and spend most of our time doing activities at home. However now I have the much thinner compression … Continue reading Update on my leg ulcer.